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Bus Campaign advertising

In out of home advertising, campaign periods are usually one week (e.g. City Light) or one decade (e.g. large areas and columns). In contrast, the minimum running time in bus campaign advertising is one month. This is due to the effort involved, which is significantly higher than in the poster sector. Bus halls must be reserved, buses ordered and cleaned. And above all the gluing of the foils is still manual work today, windows, doors, ventilation slits are cut out by experienced hands.

Traffic Boards

Traffic Boards are 18/1 poster formats on monoplane and articulated buses that are glued to the driver’s side. The format is standardized and can be used in almost any other city. Traffic Boards can be combined particularly well with large surfaces.

Super Rear

If the entire rear surface of a monoplane or articulated bus is covered with adhesive, this is referred to as Super Rear or Backboard. The rear area is not only noticed by car drivers, but also by road users (pedestrians, cyclists).

Berlin Board

The “Berlin Board” is a special format that uses the full height of the double-decker bus. Double-decker buses allow your advertising a very large reproduction scale, achieve the greatest possible long-distance effect and leave you plenty of room for creativity in design. The driver’s side of the bus is occupied, so that your advertising is well seen by all other road users.


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