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Backlit Media ( City Lights )

Backlit billboards give a optical boost with the brilliant and modern image display for advertising especially in the evening and night hours. Because of the longer effective time and intensity City Lights achieve more contacts than classic paper surfaces.

The city lights include City Light Poster (4/1 Format), City Light Board (18/1 Format), City Light columns (4/1 oder 8/1 Format) und Digital Boards.

City Light Posters are the dominant medium in any city. In bus shelters, in pedestrian areas, on train stations, in malls and airports(except Berlin) the 4/1 billboards shine to the people.

Around 100.000 City Light Posters cover the most important and populated urban areas in Germany. With the different networks you can reach individual target groups.

City Light Boards (also called Mega Lights ) are backlit large billboards on highly frequented traffic hubs acheiving high reach.In 2.50 meters height they tower over traffic and can be seen by all traffic participants uninhibited.

City Light Columns are in the inner city in exposed locations. Traditional Litfaß columns are converted to modern City Light columns. All locations are hand picked so to speak and convince through their location quality.

We see Digital Boards on train stations, airports and in the streets. The playing of spots is not allowed in the streets. This is why these Digital Boards rely on brilliant, attention grabbing design and lighting that can be switched daily. On stations and airports on the other hand a reduced kind of TV programm with news, weather, sports and of course advertising is used.

Here we have some examples of City Lights advertising by our clients.

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