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City Light Column:
The modern form of the Litfaß column

City Light Columns are backlit billboard columns. Traditionally, Litfaß columns were located on every street corner. Of those historic billboard columns, only those which were located at attractive traffic intersections were converted into backlit City Light Columns. Using a modern design, the City Light Columns present your advertisement in a brilliantly colourful display.

City Light Columns are usually booked in networks . Alternatively you can create an individual networks or just book one column if you want. That is especially interesting for clients that only want to advertise in their local area. Compared to the network booking the daily price is higher for the single selection. Depending on your goal the single selection can save money despite the higher daily price.

Here we have some examples of City Lights advertising by our clients.

City Light Columns: Prices, Networks and Data

Production Costs City Lights

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