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Digital City Light Boards in Berlin!

Modern and highly flexible!

The switch from classic advertising forms like large billboards to modern digital boards has intensified lately. Still it will take years until nation-wide networks with the push of a button. The portfolio in Berlin offers interesting networks for specific campaigns:

Digital City Light Boards stand for high reach

The network consists of 20 City Light Boards with 36 surfaces at highly frequented streets. The 9 qm screens show moving images with high resolution in the streets of Berlin. Clients can now opt to adjust the displayed content for individual locations and days. This makes directories, daily offers and even countdowns possible.

According to recent studies, the new billboards are seen by 75% of all car drivers who pass by them. They catch more attention than the analog City Lights, throughout both day and night. The network consisting of 20 billboards reaches 3 million people per week!

Directly at the Point of Interest

In malls the visitors are addressed by digital boards, that play an Infotainment program during opening hours. The broadcasting loop consists of news, weather, sports, and advertisements. Malls are not just places of quick buying: Looking at boutiques, the gastronomical offer from steakhouse to ice cream and attractive events increase the customer frequency and the dwelling time. The digital boards are gladly booked by client who are present with their products here, or locally in general or want to target the group of women.

Waiting time is advertising time

In the urban populated areas trains are important for transport as they are the quickest way. Large interchange stations count up to 150.000 people each day. During the multiple minutes of waiting time for the train the boredom is gladly averted with TV programs, the current news and industrial news especially prepared for this situation.Politics, economy, sports, advertising shorts and poignant.

Here we have some examples of City Lights advertising by our clients.

Digital City Light Boards Berlin

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