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Bridge advertising in Berlin

Berlin is filled with traffic jams and packed streets. It even has more bridges than Venice. Bridges above of high frequented streets catch a lot of attention amongst drivers. You don't have to consciously watch the bridge to see the advertisement, since you are driving towards and under it. Advertisements on bridges can give directions and distances to the retail stores or invite to open house days. There are currently 240 bridges in Berlin available for advertisement.

Costs of bridge advertising Berlin

The cost per meter of a bridge banner varies according to the attractivity of the location. On average you have to calculate with 18,- to 22,- Euro per meter/ week. The booking rhytmns are 4 weeks and longer, beginning on the first monday of the month. For the installation and removal the cost is 170,- Euro . The standard format is 10 meters x 1 meter.

PVC Banner or solid Signs

If the Bridge advertising is planned for several weeks or months PVC banners are used. Every three months there is a control and repairs if needed. For longer bookings of 12 months or more without changing motif you could use Dibond plates that are screwed into the railing. If you are interested we will give you an exact cost calculation for any given bridge

Bridge advertising: Prices and facts

Here we have some examples of bridge advertising by our clients.

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