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Billboard advertising in bus shelters

We barely notice them anymore as they are a part of the cityscape for decades like the Brandenburg Gate. Thousands of bus shelters at bus and tram stops and offer protection from rain and wind. From the primitive wooden shelters they have developed into the modern glashall with seats, bicycle stands, trash cans, illuminated showcases, displays for waiting time in real time und much more.

Bus shelters are important focal points and the meaning will increase further in coming years: The first Internet Terminals and Solar moduls are already installed on the roofs of the shelters. The next generation offers free WIFI and will replace certain Internet cafes. People might stay there even beyond just waiting for the bus in this case.

Bus shelters offer a modern advertising environment. The lighted or illuminated showcases are perceived by the traffic participants: drivers, bikers, pedestrians and users of buses, trams and trains. In the waiting situation and obvious for passersby this advertising can be very effective to draw attention to your business.

Depending on message and goal of your advertising you can choose between two formats. Stripe advertising above the showcases are useful for short poignant messages. Or choose a complete showcases and book it exclusively.

From around 1000 locations you can choose the surfaces that are decisive for you.

Download billboards in bus shelters

Here we have some examples of bus shelter advertising by our clients.

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