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Advertising on lamp posts

You are hungry and looking for a restaurant. Then you see a sign: "Steakhouse" on a lamp post and decide to follow it. Just in Berlin there are 4.000 of these and not without reason, as the cost efficiency is tough to beat. 

Here is an overview of the advantages:

Lamp post signs are a cost inexpensive way to permanently advertise a location or company. If its standard or illuminated the lamp post signs are actively attracting customers for you around the clock for less than 3 Euros per day. It doesnt really get any cheaper in terms of mediums.

Lamp post signs guarantee an exclusion of competiton as its only one on this post. Its in a height of about 2.5 meters above parked cars and reaches drivers, bikers and pedestrians.

It achieves two goals: permanently keep your company in the mind of local customers and informing new potential customers about your presence.

For optimal results you should cover prominent traffic hot spots in your district . We would gladly advise you for ideal locations and take care of the necessary steps to gain official permissions.

Here we have some examples of post sign advertising by our clients.

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