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Large-scale billboards are flexible!

Large billboards on stations are flexible and target group specific in your media planning. From a single surface for promoting a store to nation wide campaigns large billboards can achieve any advertising goal.

The arguments for large billboard on stations:

The advertising situation: On the stations people are waiting for their train directly opposite of the big billboards, they can hardly avoid your advertising.

The visibility: The surfaces are always illuminated for 20 hours a day.

The reach: The frequency of stations ensures your reach. Many people use the trains for their way to work or university. Large billboards reach them multiple times per week.

The individuality: With the selection of stations your are planning your advertising network according to your needs. Scattering losses are avoided, emphasises can be applied, for instance 3 billboards on one station, different themes can give the campaign a crucial boost.

Here we have some examples of large billboard advertising by our clients.

Large-scale Billboards production costs .

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