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Underground interior advertising

Travel time is advertising time

Over 12 minutes is the average travel time for the subway. Enough time to absorb the information in the trains to fight boredom during this time. With 1.3 million passengers daily the Berlin underground is the biggest shopping cart in Germany with an above average income. Compared to buses or trams there are much more advertising opportunities in the subway in different price categories.

You can book surfaces on the sides of the trains , next to the windows or above doors for example . These are booked monthly. On the ceiling there are passenger TVs showing a mixture of news and adverts without sound as to not annoy the passengers. Each spot is shown 4 times per hour. Gladly we can prepare a weekly spot plan for you.

Below you can use our Calculator to determine the cost of your Underground advertising and if you wish book it.

Here you can find examples of underground/subway advertising from some of our Clients.

Here are some samples of interior advertising in trains, underground and buses.