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Production costs for out of home advertising


Printing of posters and large areas

Posters for columns or large areas are always printed on 100g to 120g/qm Affichen paper. The posters are glued using the wet gluing process, i.e. the posters are soaked before gluing and then put up in the wet state. The poster paper has a high wet strength so that it does not tear during soaking and gluing. In addition, the posters have a blue back to prevent old posters from shining through. Depending on the format, the posters must be delivered divided on pallets.


Printing of City-Light-Posters

For the production of City Light Posters, white, matt coated, translucent 150g/sqm paper is used. A higher translucency is achieved by mirror-inverted reverse printing. A 4-/3-colour print is recommended here. As the posters are displayed in showcases, an all-round border should be taken into account when designing.


Posters “Special surfaces”

The billposting period for special areas is at least 12 months. Therefore the posters are printed on foil and laminated. Since the poster cannot absorb any moisture, it does not curl. This ensures an optimal presence over several months.


Traffic advertising in Berlin

Side stripes, window films and other surfaces in buses and trains are printed on films coated with a removable adhesive on the reverse side. We only recommend lamination for longer advertising periods (from 12 months).

We have, for example, the costs for bus advertising and costs for tram advertising in tables in the underside Verkehrsmittel-Innenwerbung for you to see.