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Format & Production


How do I create the printable file?

What is the visible size of the poster? How much bleed do I have to add? And in which scale do I have to create the file? We have provided our technical data sheets for the classic advertising media. These will help you to create the printable file. Furthermore, the downloads contain information on the printing method and required lead times. Your medium is not in the list of downloads? Or are you interested in a special format? We will be happy to send you the details separately.

How much does the production cost?

Outdoor advertising posters are available in many different formats. Some poster panels can be booked individually, others only in networks. The price per individual poster depends on the respective print run and material. The higher the circulation of a motif, the lower the unit price.
Do you want to print a different format? Please let us know the desired medium and the number of faces, and we will be happy to calculate the exact production costs. Please note that, depending on the medium, always 10-20% extra posters must be printed, in order to account for possible damage (e.g. 110 posters for 100 large-format positions).

How will the posters be printed?

Printing of posters for columns and large billboards

Posters for columns or large-scale billboards are always printed on so-called affiche paper with 100g to 120g/sqm. The posters are glued using the wet gluing method. In this technique the posters are soaked before gluing, and are then posted in a wet state. The poster paper is very strong so that it does not tear when soaked and glued. In addition, the posters have a blue back to prevent old posters from showing through. Depending on the format, the posters must be delivered divided on pallets.

Printing of City Light Posters

City Light Poster are produced on white, double-sided, matt coated, translucent 150g/qm paper. A higher transillumination effect is achieved by a mirror-inverted counter print. Here, a 4-/3-colour print is recommended. Since the posters are displayed in showcases, a surrounding border should be added to the design.

Interior advertising in public transportation in Berlin

Berlin’s public transport system offers various formats for interior advertising. Side stripes, window adhesives and other faces in buses and trains are printed on foils coated on the back with a removable adhesive. We recommend lamination only for longer advertising use (12 months and more).

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