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Out of Home advertising in Berlin

The available media in Berlin for Out of Home advertising exceeds any catalogue or website. Litfaß columns and train stations in Berlin offer a vast amount of options for poster advertising, which are utilized by brand companies as well as by the Berlin retail industry. The approximately 2.000 City Light Posters and City Light Boards can be booked in varying networks. Are you interested in covering specific locations with large-scale posters? Just give us a call. We provide you with an individual network.


Billboard advertising Berlin

Here you will find column advertising and advertising posters at train stations.

Poster advertising Streetland:

Here you will find column advertising, advertising posters in bus shelters and large areas.

Roadside billboards:

Here you can find post advertising, billboards on train stations and large-scale media.

City Light Berlin:

The backlit vitrine in 4/1 format is most common in waiting halls, city light columns, on sidewalks and on train stations. These formats are booked in networks.
City Light Boards in 18/1 shape the cityscape on street islands and big intersections.

Digital Posters:

Digitilization advances also in Out of Home advertising. We offer digital City Light networks in public streets as well as on train staitons. All digital offers can be found under digital posters.

Train station media and advertising posters:

Train staitions offer sufficient space for a variety of different sizes of posters and billboards. Beside small posters in vitrines, large-scale billboards behind train tracks attract the attention of the passengers. These large-scale billboards can be booked separately or as a poster gallery (all large billboards of a station at once).

Advertising at trade fairs:

We offer trade fair packages that comprise different media around the trade fair grounds. Advertising in the arrival halls and at the airport complement the basic package.

Public transportation advertising:

The mobile advertising fleet comprises 1.400 double-decker and single-decker busses and 1.100 subway cars. You can book, both, exterior and interior advertising spaces of busses, subways and urban rail trains.

Airport advertising:

Berlin has two airports, still. Many tourists and business commuters arrive here. The airport offers attractive advertising possibilities in departure and arrival halls, as well as, in the outside areas.

Taxi advertising:

Advertising on taxis create many contacts in Berlin. More than 8.000 vehicles compete for the next tour.

Local Media:

If you are inerested in advertising on bridges, public clocks, junctions boxes, lanterns or billboards on train stations, follow the link to our product line: www.wtm-aussenwerbung-berlin.de

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