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Out of home advertising in Berlin

Berlin offers a comprehensive range of media for out-of-home advertising. Depending on which target group the advertising is supposed to reach, where and when, there are suitable out-of-home media. Some media can only be booked in networks, but others can be selected individually and combined to create an optimal media mix. Out-of-home advertising in Berlin provides a huge range of poster advertising in various formats, for example on advertising columns, poster display cases, City Light Posters in bus shelters, at train stations and on sidewalks, as well as large-scale billboards on the street or at train stations and City Light Boards on major traffic routes. Print advertising requires lead time. The digital City Light Posters and digital City Light Boards can be booked on short notice and particularly flexible.

In addition, Berlin’s extensive transportation network serves as a mobile advertising fleet consisting of over 1,400 buses (double, articulated and single-decker), trams and around 1,100 subway wagons. These can be equipped with interior advertising or booked in exterior design as long-term advertising or for campaigns. As further part of transit advertising, taxi cabs can also be wrapped with exterior advertising on the taxi doors or on the roof, for example.

Local, international or highly specialized target groups can also be successfully reached with outdoor advertising. To draw attention to one’s business or an event in the neighborhood, lamppost advertising, junction or telephone boxes, advertising on clocks and bridge advertising are particularly popular. Travelers and international visitors are successfully targeted with airport advertising at Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER Willy Brandt). Moreover, the former Schönefeld Airport (SXF) is soon to be integrated into the BER and will then receive occupiable media again. On special occasions, events or trade fairs, all media can also be combined specifically around the venue to address the desired target group.

Of course, the advertising possibilities in Berlin go far beyond this. Or do you want to advertise in other German cities? Just give us a call. We will be happy to put together an individual offer for you.

Poster advertising in Berlin

Column advertising: 4/1, 6/1, 8/1 (i.e. Litfaß columns or City Light columns)

City Light Boards: 18/1 (on the street)

City Light Poster: 4/1 (i.e. in bus shelters, on sidewalks)

Digital posters

Digital city light poster (on train stations or highly frequented streets)

Digital city light boards (large ang highly visible, positioned at important traffic intersections)

Digital screens (at interchange train stations)

Train station advertising

Billboards (individual or as poster gallery)

Posters in display cases: A1/A0

City light poster (digital & analogue)

Trade fair package

Billboards on train stations near the trade fair grounds

Digital and analogue City Light Boards,

Mega poster at the IBIS Hotel façade, across the trade fair grounds

Airport advertising (i.e. arrivals)

Bus advertising

Subway (U-Bahn), urban rail (S-Bahn), bus, and trams

Interior and exterior ads

Campaigns and long-term advertising

Airport advertising

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) (& Schönefeld (SXF))

National and international tourist and business travelers

Digital posters, coloramen, XXL mega poster

Taxi advertising

11.000+ taxis in Berlin

Popular with Berliners, business people, trade fair visitors and tourists

In the city center, in front of event locations and at the airport

Local media

Bridge banner, clock advertising, junction & telephone boxes

Signs on street lanterns, company nameplates, neon signs

Banner advertising, giant posters

Giant posters

Advertising on construction scaffolding, mega posters and facade advertising

On main tangents in the cities

Monthly bookable

Advertising in other European cities

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