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Out of home advertising in Berlin

The media offer in out of home advertising in Berlin goes beyond every catalogue and every website. There is a huge range of poster advertising on advertising pillars and train stations, around 2,000 City Light Posters and City Light Boards in quite different networks. A network, so to speak, for every target group. If you want to advertise specific locations in a very targeted way, large posters and complete columns are recommended. The best thing is for you to call us. We would be happy to put together individual networks.

Poster advertising Berlin

Under the heading poster advertising you will find the classic paper posters on the advertising pillars, on large billboards and at railway stations as well as the City Lights. The backlit display cases in 4/1 format are available in bus shelters, in City Light columns, in free-standing display cases on the sidewalk, but also at railway stations. The 18/1 large City Board can only be found on central islands and at large intersections.

Digital posters

Digitalization is also progressing in Out of home advertising. In the Strassenland, you can choose between a Berlin network with digital City Light Boards or a digital City Light network in top locations such as Kurfürstendamm. Underground we offer the Digital Poster Gallery at Friedrichstraße station or a high-frequency network at selected stations. All digital offers can be found under Digital Posters.

Railway station media advertising posters

Railway stations offer sufficient space for a wide variety of poster sizes. In addition to smaller advertising posters in showcases, large areas behind the tracks are advertising for the favour of the advertising industry. You can book the large areas individually or as a poster gallery (all large areas at the same time). Or you decide on the complete station and use all advertising possibilities. Give us a call, we will be happy to plan a station branding together with you.

Advertising for trade fairs

Here, individual media will be combined into a trade fair package around the exhibition grounds. These include train stations, digital and analogue City Light Boards as well as megaposters at the IBIS Hotel, which is located directly opposite the entrance to the trade fair. Advertising in the arrivals area at Berlin Airport supplements the basic trade fair package. You can find more information under Trade Fair.

Transport advertising

A metropolis without a well-functioning transport network is unthinkable. The mobile advertising fleet in Berlin consists of 1,400 buses (double and single-decker buses) and around 1,100 subway cars. A distinction is made between campaigns and annual bookings. All important information can be found under traffic advertising. Or give us a call.

Airport advertising

Berlin (still) has two airports. The majority of tourists and business planes land here. In the arrivals and departures areas, the airport offers attractive advertising options ranging from foil posters on sliding doors to XXL megaposters in the inner ring. Permanent advertising on request.

Taxi advertising

Advertising on cars with many contacts is best booked in Berlin on taxis. In Berlin more than 8,000 vehicles fight for the next tour. The majority of them have an airport licence and bring business people, trade fair visitors or tourists to the city.

Local media

The Berlin economy can choose the individual package for itself and its company from a broad spectrum of media. If you are interested in bridge advertising, advertising on clocks, power boxes, lantern advertising or poster advertising at railway stations, then follow the link www.wtm-ausssenwerbung-berlin.de here.

Advertising in other European cities

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