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Bus advertising in Berlin

Berlin is growing and so is the vehicle fleet for bus advertising in Berlin. More than 400 double-deckers fulfil the advertising wishes on a large scale, more than 800 single-decker and articulated buses  offer “down-to-earth” formats.  The best-known bus line is line 100 and 200 (also called Sightseeing Line), because it passes many tourist attractions via Alexanderplatz, Unter den Linden and Berlin-Zoologischer Garten. Trade fair exhibitors, on the other hand, love the M49 bus line, which connects the trade fair grounds perfectly with the Zoologischer Garten station. Bus advertising in Berlin fulfils many advertising wishes at a reasonable thousand-contact price,

campaign or permanent bus advertising in Berlin

Campaign media on buses usually run for 1 – 3 months. Campaign formats include the standardized 18/1 format, which is glued to the side. The entire rear area can be booked either as campaign or permanent advertising. If you want to book a special format for your bus advertising campaign, you should opt for the Berlin Board of the double-decker. Here, the entire height of the double-decker is used.

The permanent occupancy of the buses runs for 12 months and longer. Depending on the concept and budget, the buses can be fully or partially decorated with a motif. The window areas do not interrupt the motifs. Window Graphic foils are used here. They enable the passengers to look out as usual and the graphic designer to make better use of the advertising space.

Busses on certain lines

If the buses are to run on selected lines, we speak of line connections. In Berlin, such a service can only be arranged if you decide on an annual booking and accept the surcharges. A double-decker full design then costs from € 7,600.00

Advertising in busses

Travel time is advertising time. An average journey takes about 15 minutes before the destination is reached or changed. Enough time for interesting advertising messages on the poster surfaces or window films or side window posters.


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