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Poster advertising on columns

Ernst Litfass became famous with the advertising column (Litfaßsäule) he introduced in 1854. He was a skillful businessman and soon realized that posters on advertising pillars in central locations could be used to attract attention. Therefore, columns in outdoor advertising are still one of the central media today. They are spread across the cityscape, located on busy corners and in every city. Throughout Germany, around 67,000 advertising pillars decorate the streetscape. Most of the 2,548 litfass-columns in Berlin were removed in 2019 and 1,274 new pillars were erected. This new construction underlines that billboard advertising on columns is still popular and an effective tool in outdoor advertising.

Colorful mix of column posters

500 pillars in Berlin are designated for the poster formats DIN A1, DIN A0 and 4/1. Here, a colorful mix of several advertisers are placed around the column. A1 posters are glued in the lower area so that the advertising message remains legible. The A0 posters are usually in the middle and the 4/1 posters stick to the top of the column. These mixed advertising pillars can be booked in three networks. Depending on the advertising objective or budget, the one or the other network is recommended. In the Berlin network, the locations of the advertising pillar are evenly distributed throughout Berlin. In contrast, the columns of the City Network are located within the S-Bahn ring. The Szene Netz serves the “Berlin scene” in the districts of Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Mitte, Schöneberg etc. The booking period for all of them is weekly.

Exclusive advertising pillars

In contrast to the colorful poster mix on the classic advertising pillar, you can also book columns exclusively for yourself. Two or three posters in 6/1 or 8/1 format fit next to each other on such a “full column” (at the customer’s choice). There they advertise for the favor of pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers, which will be successful, considering the size. No network booking necessary! All locations are evaluated according to a nationwide uniform scheme and depending on the attractiveness of the location (number of contacts) the costs for the location vary. From over 774 full column locations, we can select your streets, districts or advertising focal points and make you an individual offer for your advertising campaign. Column advertising examples of our implementations.

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