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Advertising on large-scale billboards in the street

The large 18/1 format (356cm x 252 cm) attracts enormous attention, already. Advertising on large-scale billboards is a real eye-catcher and offers enough space for graphic creativity.  In addition, widespread availability in public spaces, especially in medium-sized and larger German cities, ensures a well-dispersed presence in the cityscape. This means that this type of out-of-home advertising is always present. Large-scale billboards also guarantee high contact numbers in the area of occupancy because the billboard frames are installed in busy streets where many people can see them. Furthermore, there is no network commitment. Each location can be selected individually, which makes a flexible media planning possible. Due to the size and the possibility of individual selection, large-scale billboard advertising in the street is very popular among advertisers.

Precise targeting with large-scale billboard advertising

Your target group are craftsmen or diy handymen? Book billboards in the immediate vicinity of hardware stores. Are sports enthusiasts and fitness fans your target group? Advertise specifically around fitness and sports facilities. Thanks to individual site selection, precise target groups are addressed directly in their living environment or around their POI (point of interest). This means that high and, above all, efficient contacts are easy thanks to the possibility of precisely targeting the poster advertising.

However, you should also direct your attention to poster advertising at train stations in order to effectively supplement the media plan. You’ll find large-scale billboards at train stations under Station media.

Enormous performance values

The performance values of the individual sites are substantiated by means of contact values (PpS in German). To determine the contact values various parameters were collected and evaluated, such as: 15,000 GPS data per week, the frequency atlas of the Fraunhofer Institute (advertising media research on contact chance duration, among other things), 51,000 telephone interviews, and the site parameters of 260,000 advertising media (visibility, angle to flowing traffic, etc.).

On average, the contacts for large-scale billboards per booking rhythm is 32,900 (for cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants). This means that individual locations achieve 32,900 valuable gross contacts in a decade. However, on highly frequented streets in large cities, such as Berlin, the contact value of a large-scale billboard can be well over 100,000. These are enormous performance values for a single billboard.

Booking duration in decades

Poster advertising on large-scale billboards panels is booked in decades. The calendar year comprises a total of 34 decades, each of which consists of 10 or 11 days(alternating). At the turn of the year, a billboard can also be booked for 14 days, in which case only 11 days are charged. When you book billboard advertising on large-scale billboards, you should also pay attention to which locations are pasted in the A or B block. The respective start date depends on this.

If you have any questions about the decade system, please write or call us. We will be happy to send you the current decade plan and answer your questions.


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