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Large billboards in the street

In almost every medium-sized and large city, posters on large billboards ensure a well-distributed presence in the cityscape. They guarantee high contact numbers due to prime locations. Furthermore, these large billboards can be selected individually and, therefore, facilitate direct target group reachability: There are no fixed networks, but you determine the choice of locations. With advertising posters at the hardware store, you can reach craftsmen, teachers can be addressed in the direct vicinity of schools and sports enthusiasts are around fitness and sports facilities. In outdoor advertising, we like to use large panels because they generally guarantee high coverage in the best locations and, also, because targeted messages can be placed in front of the desired target groups or districts. However, the media plan should not only be focused on large-format posters in the streets. Large billboards of the same size at railway stations can efficiently supplement the media plan. You will find large panels at railway stations under railway station media. Format: 356 cm x 252 cm (18/1 format)

Booking interval:

Poster advertising on large panels is booked in decades. The calendar year covers a total of 34 decades. A decade consists alternately of 10 or 11 days. At the beginning and end of the year, a decade can also comprise 14 days, in which case only 11 days are charged.

Performance value:

The performance values of the sites are documented by means of PpS values (poster viewers per site). To determine the PpS value, 15,000 GPS data per week were collected, the frequency atlas of the Fraunhofer Institute was used, 51,000 telephone interviews were conducted and the location parameters of 260,000 advertising media (visibility, angle to moving traffic, lighting, etc.) were recorded. The average PpS for large billboards in cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants is 32,900, which means that the individual large panel reaches 32,900 gross contacts in a decade.

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