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Large scale billboards are flexible!

Large billboards at railway stations are flexible and can be used for media planning to target specific groups. From the main station (focus on reach) to a single area at a district station for the advertising of a shop, large areas can reach almost any advertising target. Outdoor advertising benefits from local traffic because stations are only built and managed in conurbations.

The arguments for large-scale billboards at railway stations:

The advertising situation: At the stations, people wait for their train at the platforms and face the 9 square meter advertising space exactly opposite. They can hardly avoid advertising. Visibility: The advertising placards are always illuminated and thus in use for around 20 hours a day. This can also be described as illuminated advertising. The range: The frequency of the stations secures the range for you. Many people use the railways for their way to work or education. Large areas reach these passengers several times a week. Individuality: By selecting stations, you can plan your advertising network according to your needs. Scattering losses are avoided, focal points can be set (e.g. three large areas on one station), different motifs can give the campaign a decisive kick. Since we have access to a nationwide database in which each large billboard is stored with a picture and location description, we check each individual location and can offer you competent advice on renting billboards.


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