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outdoor advertising in Berlin, this is our strength



We know Berlin because we live here. And we are specialists in outdoor advertising. You have the advantage that we not only advise you competently, but also independently. Today, media planning in outdoor advertising is mainly carried out with special software. Of course we know the important figures, but we also tell you what they really mean on site.

The company wtm-aussenwerbung was founded in April 2007 by Ilona Schwarz. The Dipl. Kommunikationswirtin brings decades of experience from the branded goods industry into the know-how of the team.

As Product Manager she looked after products from the fields of control engineering, dental and pharmaceuticals. Until 2005 she was in charge of sales and disposition at VVR Berek, the former provider of poster and transport advertising as well as special forms of outdoor advertising in Berlin.

Berlin is many cities

An average city has a centre, but Berlin has many. Each district is practically its own city. From over 150,000 advertising media, our agency combines the media into target group-oriented media packages. In this way, the effects of the individual media can complement and reinforce each other. We can also bring your outdoor advertising campaign directly to your door on request: we plan mobile advertising pillars, bring your campaign idea directly to the shelf with Floor Graphics, or in your street a small advertising banner waves at every light pole.

Our services:

Outdoor advertising Consulting and planning:

Location analysis and research of all relevant advertising media. General findings from the traffic flows and from the structural data of the districts are already incorporated here.

outdoor advertising strategy:

Which advertising medium mix best implements the campaign? Here the media are tested and planned for their ability to communicate.

Outdoor advertising Creation:

The campaign idea is optimised on the basis of the planning now available.

  • Are the colours and contrasts strong enough to prevail outdoors?
  • Is the branding and sender clear enough?
  • Is the idea strong enough to be understood immediately?
  • Is the design and idea for all advertising media series-capable and transferable?
  • If an action is to be triggered and does this become clear?

With us you can get everything from one source. We take care of the necessary approval procedures and produce all advertising material.

outdoor advertising measurement:

In cooperation with renowned market research companies, we measure the performance of the campaign on request.