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Out of home media in Berlin: This is our strength

We know Berlin, because we live here. And we are specialists when it comes to outdoor advertising. Your advantage is, that we can not only give competent advise, but are also an independent firm. Media planning in Out of Home advertising is mainly done with special modern-day software. Of course we know the significant numbers, but we can also tell you what they actually mean in local terms.

wtm-außenwerbung was founded in April 2007 by Ilona Schwarz. She has a degree in communication science and years of experience in brand industries. As a product manager, she was in charge of cybernetic products, and dental and medical sections. She is accompanied by a very capable team.

Until 2005 she was the administrator of sales and disposition of the VVR Berek enterprise, the formal provider of billboard and transportation advertising media and special forms of Out of Home advertising in Berlin.

Berlin is more than one city

While the average city has one downtown area, Berlin has many. Every neighbourhood seems to be a whole city. From more than 150,000 advertising media, we combine media packages for you, that can meet your target groups. The effects of each individual media can therefore complement each other. If you want, we take your campaign right to your retail store: We apply Floor Graphics and utilise Litfass columns, and every light in your street will wave a little flag with your advertisement, if you so choose.

What we do:

Out of Home media advisory service and planning:

Analysis of locations, research about all relevant media. This already includes knowledge about the flow of traffic and structural data of the neighbourhoods.

Outdoor advertising strategy:

Which combination of media realises your campaign in the best possible way. Advertising media are checked for their communication ability.

Outdoor advertising creation:

The plan is used to optimise the idea for the campaign.

  • Are the colours and contrasts bright enough to be effective outside?
  • Can you clearly see the insignia and which firm posted the advertisement?
  • Is the idea strong enough to be immediately understood?
  • Are design and idea usable for all media?
  • Is a reaction supposed to triggered and is that made clear?

You can get all that from us. We take care of allowances and produce all materials necessary.

Outdoor advertising measurement:

We work together with famous market research corporations and, if you want, we can also measure the effectiveness of your campaign before it is carried out.