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Posters in showcases

The Berlin “Bahnhofzeitung” are large display cases with several posters in the formats A0 and A1, which inform about current offers on the platforms and mezzanines. The posters in the showcases benefit from the daily flow of people and are among the most successful media in out of home advertising.

The billboards are booked in networks on a weekly basis. The networks are aimed at different target groups or fit perfectly into media mix planning. All central railway stations are part of the city network with 150 showcases. The classic residential areas are largely dispensed with in favour of a high range. In contrast, the Berlin network with 300 showcases serves almost all stations in the city. This rather even distribution of advertising print also includes stations on the periphery. The Berlin network guarantees a good advertising basis for increasing the advertising pressure with other poster forms or for regional consolidation – for example with the regional networks at the stations or with poster advertising on the advertising pillars.

Poster advertising at railway stations offers a whole range of arguments:

The showcases are always illuminated. During the waiting period (5 minutes on average), people have time for advertising and information. Interested people can approach the showcases and read small print, which can be particularly important for products and offers in need of explanation. The weekly poster change keeps the “Bahnhofzeitung” up to date and binds frequent drivers.


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