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Digital posters

The modernization from analogue to digital is particularly visible in outdoor advertising. The transformation of classic advertising media such as posters into digital posters and large billboards into digital boards has really taken off in outdoor advertising in recent years. Although it will be years before nationwide networks can be booked at the push of a button, the portfolio in Berlin already offers interesting networks:

Streetscape: Digital City Light Boards stand for a high reach

The digital City Light Boards (CLB) are 9 m² large advertising media, which are strategically placed at important traffic tangents in Berlin’s streets. They present still images with high resolution and are extremely visible, especially in the evening and in bad weather. According to studies, the new digital advertising media are noticed by 75% of passing motorists and attract much more attention by day and night than the classic posters. The 22 digital City Light Boards with 37 advertising spaces can be booked either individually or as a network, on a daily or weekly basis.

Shopping streets and centers: Digital City Light Posters

In absolute top locations like the shopping street Kurfürstendamm, there are 50 digital city light posters (CLP). Moving images attract long lasting attention and the positioning in shopping streets and malls generate many contacts. With digital networks you are also extremely flexible. You only want to broadcast for two or three days? No problem, the network can be booked on a daily or weekly basis.

Train station Friedrichstraße: digital poster gallery

The 12 digital faces on the Friedrichstraße station are synchronously switched and, therefore, ideal for moving images. During the several minutes of waiting for the train, the spare time is often spent with infotainment. A maximum of 6 advertising customers share the program. Due to its central location and the many railway lines crossing here, the Poster Gallery in Friedrichstrasse generates enormous contact numbers.

Digital train station network: City Light Posters

The city network with very high coverage consists of 26 stations with 91 locations. The high-frequency stations have more than one CLP to reach the majority of passengers. The network can be booked on a daily or weekly basis.

Book digital out-of-home advertising programmatically now

In addition to the classic network booking of 10-second slots, digital screens can be booked very specifically according to your target specifications, so that your clip is only actually played when your target specifications are met. This is called programmatic digital out-of-home advertising. You define triggers and thus set the course for a targeted approach to your target group. Triggers can be, for example, specific advertising media, locations, times, days, weather conditions, as well as socio-demographic characteristics of the people passing the advertising media. This is because various data triggers, such as Bluetooth beacons, can be used to take current measurements of where your target audience is. And then your clip is only played out there. In this way, you minimize wastage and maximize the precision of your targeting. Hello future, hello programmatic digital out-of-home!


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