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Giant Posters

They are the Mercedes, the ultimate branding that every brand wants. Shine upon Potsdamer Platz or Alexanderplatz with a giant poster. With a size of 60 meters long and 20 meters high (1,200 square meters) these large posters cannot be overlooked. The mega size alone makes the motifs striking and memorable.

The booking period is always 28 days in a calendar month. This requirement is due to the public sector’s billing system. For advertising in public spaces, a fee is charged which refers to the calendar month. For three days in a calendar month the same fee is due as for 28 days. A giant poster with around 1,200 square meters at Alexanderplatz costs a special usage fee of € 18,000.

Large posters on scaffolding pleasantly conceal the dusty renovation of old buildings and serve as a wall against dust. At the same time, the advertising fee contributes to refinancing. But: the scaffolding may only be covered with giant posters for a maximum of 6 months. This is to prevent that 2 months suddenly become 2 years of construction time. If you think back to the renovation of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, you will be able to understand this argument.

The media and production costs vary depending on attractiveness of the location and size. In the case of our example: Berlin – Alexanderplatz – 1200 square meters, the total costs lie around € 255,000.00 per month. The following month at € 180,000.00

If you have any further questions about outdoor advertising or giant posters, please call us. We will be happy to put together an individual offer for you.

Giant poster advertising in these cities


Berlin offers premium locations with high footfall for your giant posters. We can offer you i.e. Alexanderplatz, Unter den Linden or Schloßstraße (Steglitz / Boulevard Berlin) regularly. Furthermore, you can place a digital spot at the video wall at Kurfüstendamm.    

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Currently bookable: 1 giant poster on the scaffolding of the Bockenheim university campus with 20,000 students. Due to the marketing limit of 6 months for scaffolding advertising, we cannot offer these banners for long-term campaigns. Please contact us for updated availability.

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Giant posters at the airport grounds (18 million passengers) or at the famous Gänsemarkt square, both XXL banners impressively present brands and guarantee excellent coverage. Moreover, Hamburg attracts over 7 million visitors and tourists a year.

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Bonner Wall (trendy neighborhood), Schanzenstraße or The Pentagon at Cologne Airport are three highly endowed addresses for giant posters. The Pentagon (900 square meters) is located at the Moxy Hotel.

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The area around Einstein Carré is a premium location in the Bavarian metropolis. Of course, it is illuminated like all other giant posters. A smaller banner of 96 square meters is located in Bodenseestraße, one of the city’s main tangents.

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