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Transport advertising: Bus and train advertising in Berlin

Out-of-Home advertising in Berlin also includes, in particular, transport advertising, i.e. out-of-home advertising in and on: Buses, S-Bahn (urban rail), U-Bahn (subways) and trams. Every year, these public transport systems cover more than 250 million kilometers. Hard to imagine, but the distance covered is equivalent to a daily trip to the moon! And how many passengers are on board each year? More than 1 billion people! By the way, mobile outdoor advertising is actively perceived by more than 82% of respondents, according to the study by the Association for Outdoor Advertising (FAW e.V., Trend Analysis Traffic Media 2019). An extremely high reach is therefore guaranteed with transport advertising. 

Bus & tram advertising in Berlin

The yellow double-decker buses are almost one of Berlin’s landmarks. Especially the lines 100 and 200 are a popular means of transportation for tourists, because these buses rattle off many of the sights. Due to the oversize, this OOH advertising space offers enough room for creative and eye-catching advertising motifs.
For streetcar and bus advertising, a distinction is made between monthly and annual bookings. Fixed formats are available for short advertising campaigns, which attract attention both outside or inside the means of transport.
A complete advertising campaign or a complete design of bus or streetcar depends on the type of vehicle. This is available as permanent advertising with or without line commitment.

Train advertising: S-Bahn & U-Bahn

On average, a journey on public transport takes 12.5 minutes before passengers get off or change again. In addition to the smartphone, a newspaper or the view out of the window, advertising banners – analog as well as digital out-of-home and interior advertising – offer a very welcome change. According to a study by GfK, more than 52% of passengers do not use any other media, which means that their attention is focused, among other things, on the advertising media hanging in Berlin’s S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains. In the subway, three different formats of transit advertising can be booked in the approximately 1,200 cars. There, the so-called “Berliner Fenster,” passenger television with news from politics, sports and culture, also attracts attention. Moving images attract attention, so it’s no wonder that 1.4 million passengers are reached every day. In addition to the news, advertisements can also be placed here. Passengers therefore actively consume the advertising between the news and so over 40 million advertising media contacts can be achieved in a week. 


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