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Bus and train advertising in Berlin

Out of home advertising in Berlin includes the extensive fleet of public transportation: buses, subways, urban rail, and trams. All buses and trains in Berlin travel more than 250 million kilometers and transport more than 1 billion people every year. Hard to imagine, but the mileage is equivalent to a daily trip to the moon. In a study of the German association for outdoor advertising (FAW e.V., Trendanalyse Verkehrsmedien 2019), 82% of the respondents answered that they regularly perceive advertising on/in public transport. Therefore, these mobile ads in and on public transportation in Berlin guarantee an extremely high reach.

Bus and train advertising in Berlin

Berlin is known for its double-decker bus, which offers all creative people enough space for every advertising motif. Especially the two lines 100 and 200 are very popular with tourists because this line passes many sights. In bus advertising, one differentiates between monthly bookings and annual bookings. In and on buses, there are simple formats, fixed in size, that can be booked for advertising campaigns of a few months. Full cover design of a bus or tram as long-term advertising (with or without line binding) depends on the exact vehicle type.

Train advertising

During the ride through the city, the passenger passes 12,5 minutes on average in the same train or bus before getting off or switching. Next to looking at smartphones, reading or gazing out of the window, the colorful poster ads are a welcome entertainment. Inside the 1200 subway wagons, advertising spaces in four different formats can be booked. The passenger TV in the subway (Berliner Fenster) attracts special attention with their moving images and informs around 1,4 million passengers with news from politics, sports and culture every day. In between the news, advertising slots can be booked. Therefore, the passenger consumes the advertising actively between the news sections.

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