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Billboard in Berlin

Billboard advertising is the first and thus probably oldest medium of out-of-home advertising. In Berlin, Germany and even Europe-wide, there are many different formats, and they have an above-average perception. More than 83% of respondents, according to a trend analysis by FAW (2020), come into contact with the advertising media several times a week. In addition, more than 62% of OOH viewers state that billboard advertising has encouraged them to find out more about the advertised product or even to buy it.

We at wtm-aussenwerbung market all forms of poster advertising, such as the classic advertising column or billboard, large posters in the street, at train stations and airports, but also large-scale advertising, illuminated advertising, all forms of city lights, and much more. Advertising spaces for posters are available almost everywhere and therefore offer a wide range of possibilities for an outdoor advertising campaign in Berlin.

Billboard advertising with net booking

Many billboards are offered as network bookings, so that hundreds of locations can be covered with just one booking. It is not possible to exclude or add individual or specific advertising spaces. However, there are also thinned-out subnetworks or the option of advertising only in certain districts.

With poster networks you achieve visibility everywhere or address target groups selectively and granularly with district bookings. Depending on the people you want to reach with your out-of-home campaign, we can help you find the right billboard network.

Select posters sites individually

Posters on large-scale billboard sites, roadside or at train stations, can be selected and booked individually. This means you put together your own individual network and determine at which stations or locations your out-of-home advertising will cause a stir. In contrast to network bookings, large-scale billboards are booked in decades, i.e. for a duration of 10 or 11 days.

The digital and analog City Light Boards and City Light Columns are also particularly visible – day and night and in all weather conditions. Strategically positioned at important and highly frequented traffic intersections or infrastructural junctions, the backlit posters in City Lights are always eye-catching. These advertising spaces are also available for individual bookings, on a weekly basis.

What does billboard advertising cost in Berlin?

The cost of billboard advertising varies depending on the location or network size. Printing costs also depend on the number of posters to be printed and the number of creatives. Therefore, it is hardly possible to determine a flat rate for a single poster. In the following, we have compiled the prices for advertising posters as an example for you to download.
We will be happy to advise you on classic advertising options for Berlin and Germany.



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