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Poster advertising in Berlin

Poster advertising is seen by thousands every day. 27% of concert ticket sales are due to poster advertising alone. We market all forms of billboard advertising – from the classic advertising column and billboards, to large posters in the street and at train stations, to all forms of City Light Posters. The multitude of possibilities for poster advertising in Berlin makes it difficult to present a complete list here.

There are advertising posters almost everywhere. If you are looking for the classic advertising possibilities on advertising pillars, in bus shelters, at train stations and on large surfaces, then you have come to the right place. Most poster panels are offered exclusively in networks. Some nets contain hundreds of locations spread all over the city. However, there are also thinned-out sub-networks or networks that cover certain districts. Nevertheless, individual sites cannot be added or omitted when booking a network. With poster networks you can achieve comprehensive visibility. Depending on the target group you want to reach, we can help you find the right network.

Select individual advertising posters

You can select and book large billboards on roads and at railway stations individually. You determine which stations or locations are important for you and thus put together an individual network. Other types of posters such as full columns can compress the network and increase the advertising pressure. In contrast to network bookings, large panels are booked in decades of 10 or 11 days.
The digital and analogue City Light Boards and City Light Columns are particularly visible by day and night. These can also be selected individually and are always clearly visible due to their backlighting and strategic position at important traffic tangents. The booking interval is one week.

What does poster advertising in Berlin cost?

As the costs for poster advertising always depend on the number of posters to be printed, it is hardly possible to fix a flat rate for a single unit. In the following, we have compiled the current Prices for various forms of billposting for you as downloads. Still, you will receive more accurate prices after contacting us directly.


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