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Airport Advertising

People from all over the world meet regularly at airports, from tourists to business travelers and trade fair visitors. Between check-in and departure, passengers spend a lot of time and inevitably consume airport advertising. Berlins airports have a wide range of interesting advertising spaces available, from huge banners to cleverly placed small A0 posters.

There are currently two airports in Berlin. The busy Tegel TXL airport has around 22 million passengers a year, around 37% of whom are business travelers. Airport advertising is, therefore, particularly interesting for advertisers who want to achieve high coverage and a high net household income. Statistically, 43% of air traffic here is concentrated in Terminal A. Schönefeld Airport will become the major airport BER in the next years. Up to now, Schoenefeld has been distinguished primarily by its international character. 81% of flights are used by leisure travelers and form air routes to popular holiday destinations. This means that a particularly large number of tourists can be found here.

Your advertising reaches 33 million passengers in Berlin per year!
  • Residence Germany 61% 61%
  • Dwell time more than 60 minutes 78% 78%
  • Proportion private travellers 60% 60%
  • Proportion that are men 55% 55%
  • Proportion that are women 45% 45%

Three direct ways to airport advertising Berlin

Angebot des Monats: Digital Gate Ring TXL

In the check-in area of terminal A at TXL Airport there are 5 digital advertising faces, which together can be booked weekly or monthly as the Digital Gate Ring. Through moving images they attract a lot of attention and reach departing and arriving passengers as well as meeters & greeters.

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Tegel Airport: passenger boarding bridges

Occupy all 14 passenger boarding bridges in Terminal A with 2 advertising boards each and reach every departing and arriving passenger here; that is 9.5 million passengers with one monthly booking. You can find more advertising options for the TXL in the download.

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Airport Schönefeld: Coloramen Advertising

At the airport, travelers have sufficient time to consume advertising at their leisure. Strategically placed in departure lounges, in passageways and at baggage reclaim, the backlit coloramen are a very sociable medium. You can find further advertising forms for the SXF in the download.

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Beside Berlin we offer all top ten airports in Germany.

Your advertising location is not included? Give us a call and we will be happy to send you information material.

Airport Munich

The airport is considered an exclusive advertising location. A wide range of retail and food stores increase the length of stay of passengers and also attract visitors from the surrounding area. In other words, high reach with good depth of contact. Download more information in our short overview.

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Airport Hamburg

Hamburg Airport is the fifth largest airport in Germany. Over 17.2 million passengers are handled here every year. With 6 large digital screens, strategically positioned above the passageways, your advertising reaches 100% of all arriving and departing passengers. Download further information.

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Airport Frankfurt

With more than 60 million passengers a year, Frankfurt Airport ranks third in Europe. 59% of the passengers come from abroad and 62% transfer here. That is why your advertising campaign lands successfully with enormous reach. For further information see download.

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