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Taxi advertising

Taxis are always located where many people meet, at airports, train stations, trade fairs, events and in all conurbations. Your taxi advertising is therefore almost always in the right place to achieve the best perception values.

Reach two different target groups!

Taxis are mainly used for business purposes or by travellers and therefore offer an interesting, solvent target group. With advertising within taxis, you can reach taxi users with a particularly long contact time.

With advertising on the outside of the taxi you can reach all other road users, pedestrians and cyclists at the same time. Since taxis drive all parts of the city, your taxi advertising is present everywhere, but mainly where many people can see it.

Taxi advertising can be booked nationally and internationally!

Taxis can be booked in all European cities. Depending on how many taxis you wish to book, the number you require will be made available in your destination city. All taxis that you can book through us have an airport and trade fair licence.


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