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Book a station exclusively

Exclusion of competition in outdoor advertising exists only in a few exceptional cases. If you want to attract the undivided attention of the audience to your advertising, you should decide on Station Branding. A station branding is an exclusive reservation of all the advertising media for one month.

A station becomes a brand world

For so-called “station branding”, the advertiser then has exclusive access to all advertising media at the train station. External advertising is removed during this time and the exclusive brand is unrivalled in the station. Station Branding goes far beyond conventional poster advertising. A combination of classic advertising media such as poster showcases and large billboards with special forms of advertising such as floor graphics, wall stickers, steps, pillars, etc. turns the station into a brand world. Wherever the passenger looks, he will see a harmonious overall concept of your advertising.  

Station Branding U-Bahn station Mehringdamm

The two longest underground lines in Berlin, the U6 and U7, cross at Mehringdamm station. With its 4 tracks and two atriums, the station offers a large number of advertising spaces, which can be booked exclusively as station branding. Everyone who enters the station will immediately come into contact with your brand. The advertising posters behind the tracks (large billboards) alone generate 241,000 gross contacts in one month. With station branding, the attention of all station visitors is guaranteed, and the advertising effect is enhanced.

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