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Tram advertising in Berlin

The tram network in Berlin is an important part of the public transport network and functions as an addition to the subway and urban rail trains (S- and U-Bahn). 22 lines connect the eastern part of the city with important hubs in the city center. Trams operate every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For tram advertising, this means visibility in eastern residential areas, as well as in important hotspots such as Friedrichstraße station, Alexanderplatz, Hauptbahnhof, Humboldt-Universität and Campus Adlershof. Especially start-ups and IT companies have settled in the east of the city. Therefore, you can reach a young and educated audience with tram advertising.

Tram and subway as combined ticket

Trams shuttle mainly through the east of Berlin, the underground mainly in the west. Only few tram lines have an extension to west Berlin. Until the tram network is extended further to the west, every media plan should combine the tram and the subway if you want to access Berlin as a whole. Moreover, both tram and subways are organized under the BVG transport network. As passengers benefit from using the system with one combined ticket, as an advertiser you can benefit by placing your advertising inside all, subways, trams and buses, in the same format as a window adhesive.

Tram advertising: a real eye-catcher

The advertising on the cars of the tram is perceived by all road users without restriction. Often, the rail track divides the traffic lanes like a wide central island. Here in the middle, it rolls along unhindered during rush hour. And if the tram does not run in a separate middle lane, the rest of the traffic must wait. Because of the special attention paid to the tram, advertising is also actively perceived. The tram is therefore a real eye-catcher in road traffic.

For permanent, annual advertising, you can choose between full or partial designs for your tram and bus advertising. For short-term advertising appearances, the Traffic Board 18/1 format can be booked.

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