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City lights advertising

City light poster a special advertising medium for out of home advertising. While classic posters are only illuminated from the front, CLP are backlit advertising spaces in inner-city areas.

As a rule, city light posters are integrated in very prominent places in bus or tram shelters (long waiting times) or other street furniture such as toilets, but are also sometimes free-standing as showcases or light boxes in train stations. City lights are booked weekly.

City light posters occupy a fixed place in media planning because they have a high advertising effect due to their regional and temporal flexibility as well as the conspicuous backlighting, especially in the evening hours and in autumn and winter. Up to three motifs share the billposting and are displayed at the same time in one place by means of a switching mechanism. Rotation increases the advertising impact through movement.

Types of city light posters

City light posters are the dominant medium in every city. In waiting halls, pedestrian arcades, train stations, shopping malls and airports, 4/1 posters radiate towards people. Around 100,000 city light posters cover the most important conurbations in Germany. With the various networks, individual target groups can be reached in a targeted manner.

City light boards (also known as mega lights) are backlit large areas that provide long ranges at highly frequented traffic junctions. At a height of 2.50 metres, they tower above the flowing traffic and can be seen without restriction by all road users.

City light columns are located in exposed locations in the inner cities. Traditional advertising columns have been converted into modern city light columns. All locations are, so to speak, hand-picked and convince by their location quality.

Many city lights have already been digitized and are located at train stations, airports and in the street area. You can find everything else under digital posters.



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