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Advertising in buses and trains

unobtrusive and high-contact

Please board the largest shopping cart in Berlin. Advertising in trams, buses and trains in Berlin reaches more people than Cologne has inhabitants. In one month, an advertiser generates over 1.6 million contacts with interior advertising in the Berlin subway alone, whereas Cologne has just 1.07 million inhabitants. This makes advertising in buses and trains an extremely high-contact medium; and one that is also unobtrusive. Due to the lack of parking spaces in the city center, many people use trams, buses and trains to travel to work, shopping or leisure activities. The advertising posters inform and entertain during the journey. Furthermore, advertising in buses and trains is particularly effective because it enjoys a particularly high level of attention due to the long duration of contact determined by the travel time. Passengers have the opportunity to look closely at all the posters during the journey to work. Therefore, the posters in public transport are very popular with advertisers, because most passengers are working and therefore have a relatively high purchasing power. What more could you want? Interior advertising has a long contact duration, and is also contact-strong and unobtrusive.

Different formats for your advertising message

Interior advertising in means of transport is popular not only because it generates enormous reach, but also because the advertising is comparatively inexpensive. Depending on how detailed the advertising message is, there are small to large formats. In most major cities in Germany, there are interior advertisements in buses, trams, suburban trains, and subways in various formats.
The landscape format side strips are pasted as foils above the windows and doors in the subway interior. They are cost-effective and very suitable for short advertising messages. The counterpart in the trams is called window adhesive, is exclusively placed on the window, and is also recommended for short and crisp advertising messages. For more detailed advertising messages, posters in portrait format are available next to the doors (side wall posters) and on the front and end walls (front wall posters). In Berlin’s S-Bahn trains, there are large, landscape-format ceiling posters and A2 posters on the front walls. Are you interested in interior advertising in Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, or Frankfurt? Contact us and we will be happy to send you the possibilities in the desired city. For Berlin, we have already compiled the current prices and formats for all public transport media in the downloads.

Contact-friendly medium: the Berlin passenger TV

In addition to the various poster formats, the Berlin subway also offers a particularly contact-friendly medium: the Berliner Fenster. This so-called Berlin passenger TV reaches over 500,000 passengers twice a day; on the way to work or school and on the way back. That’s over 1 million contacts a day. Transport in Berlin is not only highly frequented, it also transports an interesting target group. With train and bus advertising in Berlin, you reach a predominantly young, educated audience. Approximately 40% have at least a high school diploma.

Your advertising in the passenger TV (in Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg, Hanover and Dresden) meets consumers who are already on the move. It’s a short distance between the spot and the decision to buy at the shelf, which is why our motto is: Next stop – your store!

Prices upon request.

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