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Bus long term advertising

In out of home advertising, we speak of permanent advertising if the term is 12 months or longer. If you want to permanently establish your brand logo in the regional market, it is best to book bus advertising over several years. According to a survey conducted by the Outdoor Advertising Association, half of the population perceives advertising on public transport at least once a week and almost 80% of this on buses.

Bus complete design: The VIP seat

Whether monoplane or double-decker, the whole design gives the brand and the brand world enough creative scope to stand out impressively from the cityscape. Even if the bus area offers a large advertising space, the term “whole design” does not mean 100% advertising space. For safety reasons, the front area around the bus driver must not be included in the design.

Bus partial assignment: uncomplicated and cost-effective

The partial occupancy (fuselage area and rear wall) are, in contrast to the whole design, standardised areas and therefore cheaper. Nevertheless, the most important advertising messages such as product name, slogan, key visual on each hull area (ribbon advertising) and bus back wall can be designed to be effective in advertising. The vertical rear wall of the bus can set the emotional counterpoint here. And with clever planning of both areas, an update during the year can be carried out quickly and cost-efficiently.

Bus rear wall: Super rear as annual booking

The complete rear wall of the monoplane or articulated buses can be booked either as a short-term or permanent medium (12 months and longer). If you only want to use the rear surface as advertising space, the Super Rear is a cost-effective alternative.


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