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You think: Analogue OOH was yesterday? We put the advertising medium “giant poster” also known as “megaposter” or in technical jargon “BlowUP” in a new, yes you could almost say in a green, light. 

When OOH makes WOW 

It is not without reason that this advertising-effective out-of-home medium was named “giant poster”. The advertising medium lives up to its name and so your ooh advertising finds space on a poster of up to 300 sqm2. This has two decisive advantages: enormous visibility & space for creative design possibilities. At best, both advantages are mutually dependent and bring your advertising campaign to peak performance. Because one thing is clear: mega posters can’t be missed and are a magnet for attention from afar. Without any ifs and buts, the size of the OOH ensures you a far-reaching presence on the streets. In combination with a bold slogan and/ or an eye-catching motif, the effect of out-of-home advertising on target groups is intensified even further. The result is also clear: WOW! The present advertising medium visually attracts enormous interest and puts your brand in the focus. This way, your marketing measure will be remembered in a truly gigantic way. 

Out-of-Home advertising is trending with: Mega posters, scaffold advertising, facade banners.

For every marketing objective, there is the right out-of-hom advertising and, above all, the right location – but one thing at a time. Whether you choose a giant poster that attracts attention in front of a vacant house facade, scaffolding advertising or oversized posters attached to construction fences, your advertising will always stand out. The choice of advertising media is large, as is the effect. We will be happy to advise you on which measures – also from an economic point of view – will help you to achieve your advertising goals effectively. 

One thing is certain: with each of these out-of-home measures, you generate enormous reach, with passers-by, motorists and all other road users alike: The advertising faces are usually available on highly frequented streets and important intersections in the inner city area. The fact that the locations of the banner spaces are selected individually also influences the target groups that consume your advertising. Thus, an out-of-home advertising campaign with giant posters, blow-ups, mega banners or scaffolding advertising achieves maximum visibility and enormous contact numbers, significantly increasing reach and brand awareness. What’s more, the booking period is just as attractive for advertisers: you can secure this powerful outdoor advertising for as little as one month.

Sustainable outdoor advertising with giant posters

This statement is to be understood ambiguously. On the one hand, your advertising message – on one of the largest advertising media that outdoor advertising has to offer – leaves a lasting impression. Absolutely! 

On the other hand, giant banners can be produced sustainably by using recycled materials instead of PVC. Also, ocean waste i.e. marine plastic from beaches and the oceans (10% marine plastic, 90% recycled materials in the “Green Line Ocean” production) are used for the production of giant posters. These XXL advertising banners are in no way inferior to classic materials (mesh or PVC) in terms of wind and weather resistance.

Giant posters: the new green lungs of the city? 

Giant posters can also provide fresh air in 2023! How? The advertising posters by The Pure, are provided with an air-purifying coating, which consists of active titanium dioxide. By means of the photocatalytic property, for example, exhaust gases and other pollutants are decomposed. Already an advertising surface of 500 square meters has an air-purifying effect of 35 large deciduous trees! 

Giant posters make a huge contribution, both in terms of enormous advertising power and a positive impact on the environment. Economically and ecologically a contemporary OOH advertising medium for 2023.