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Hello, Public Video City Tower! A new DOOH pearl in Hamburg

Hamburg has something new to offer in out-of-home advertising, namely the “Public Video City Tower”. A monumental DOOH (short for “Digital Out of Home”) is currently conquering Hamburg’s neighborhoods. From Altona to the Reeperbahn to St. Pauli and Hamburg Airport, this digital city light column will turn your advertising campaign in the “pearl” itself into a sensational gem! (Addition for all “landlubbers”: Hamburgers also affectionately call their Hanseatic city “My Pearl”). 

Public Video City Tower: Advertising makes it big
This advertising space is truly a “City Tower”. With a height of almost 5 meters, the tower offers the perfect stage for a large advertising presence and makes your outdoor advertising, also called OOH (short for “Out of Home”), a real eye-catcher on Hamburg’s streets. The digital LED screens, which have an advertising screen of 3.25 m², let your advertising shine in portrait format – and that even in all kinds of bad weather. Thus, the digital out-of-home advertising is always clearly visible in the time window from 06:00 in the morning until late at night at 24:00. 

Of course, the digital advertising is also positioned at highly frequented locations, i.e. at important traffic junctions, in busy pedestrian zones or at tourist hotspots, thus easily ensuring an enormous reach for your outdoor advertising. 

Digital screens: An attention-grabbing video tower
Another advantage of Digital Out of Home is the possibility to use moving image advertising in addition to the classic still image. This means that cinemagrams and animation can increase the attention of target groups many times over. The movement on the advertising face literally attracts the human eye, which again generates contact numbers. A flexible change of motifs and various occupancy options for the city light columns can thus be implemented. 

The mix makes it even more interesting: Out-of-home advertising that inspires target groups
Your digital advertising is embedded in a 3-minute program loop consisting of editorial contributions such as news, local information and weather forecasts. In this program loop, your commercial secures an unmissable advertising presence on the Public Video City Tower! The spot length of the out-of-home advertising contributes 10 seconds in single frequency. This means that your spot will enjoy up to 20 repetitions per hour, that’s 360 per day per location!

This would be the classic slot-based booking. Or you can decide how many contacts you want to reach with digital advertising on Public Video City Towers, because the choice is yours:  

Loop-based or contact-based playout? 
Both are possible with the Public Video City Tower! 
In addition to booking a loop, i.e. a fixed number of times the digital spot displayed on the Public Video City Towers can be booked as contact-based playout – this is also known as “audience-based advertising”. This means that in the OOH campaign is not calculated according to the number of airings, but according to contacts. All in all, a very flexible and data-based campaign planning and playout. In terms of the booking interval, you can also choose between specific time slots, a 7-day interval or even a day-by-day and thus flexible playout, completely in line with your marketing strategy. 

No matter which variant or which interval, with the Public Video City Tower, one of the most modern and newest city light columns in Hamburg, you can rely on an attention-grabbing advertising medium. 

DOOH: The right outdoor advertising network for everyone
As always: the best comes at the end. Thanks to network or partial network booking, you can reach Hamburgers, professionals, tourists, commuters and shoppers in a targeted manner – and yes, even the night owls on the Reeperbahn.

Adapt your OOH network individually to the radius of movement of your target groups and choose between a district network or a themed network and advertise exactly where you want and land savely in the minds of your (future) customers. 

Whether Altona, Neustadt or Rotherbaum, because this is where your target persons increasingly live and work? Or reach strollers at the river Elbe and greet travelers at HAM airport … the variations are manifold, the contact numbers of your target groups to be reached enormous.

The digital Public Video City columns are not yet available in any other city, but are exclusively available in Hamburg, so far. This fact also favors that your out-of-home  advertising – to be seen at the best locations in Hamburg, such as at main traffic axes and in pedestrian zones with high contact volume – will be noticed more. After all, these are brand-new, high-quality and modern advertising media that (re)present your out-of-home advertising.

You no longer have to fight for the attention of your target groups with this dazzling advertising medium. Hamburg has one more pearl: your advertising campaign on the “Public Videos City Tower”! 


Analogue Out-of-Home Advertising: This is how economical and ecological giant posters can be in 2023

You think: Analogue OOH was yesterday? We put the advertising medium “giant poster” also known as “megaposter” or in technical jargon “BlowUP” in a new, yes you could almost say in a green, light. 

When OOH makes WOW 

It is not without reason that this advertising-effective out-of-home medium was named “giant poster”. The advertising medium lives up to its name and so your ooh advertising finds space on a poster of up to 300 sqm2. This has two decisive advantages: enormous visibility & space for creative design possibilities. At best, both advantages are mutually dependent and bring your advertising campaign to peak performance. Because one thing is clear: mega posters can’t be missed and are a magnet for attention from afar. Without any ifs and buts, the size of the OOH ensures you a far-reaching presence on the streets. In combination with a bold slogan and/ or an eye-catching motif, the effect of out-of-home advertising on target groups is intensified even further. The result is also clear: WOW! The present advertising medium visually attracts enormous interest and puts your brand in the focus. This way, your marketing measure will be remembered in a truly gigantic way. 

Out-of-Home advertising is trending with: Mega posters, scaffold advertising, facade banners.

For every marketing objective, there is the right out-of-hom advertising and, above all, the right location – but one thing at a time. Whether you choose a giant poster that attracts attention in front of a vacant house facade, scaffolding advertising or oversized posters attached to construction fences, your advertising will always stand out. The choice of advertising media is large, as is the effect. We will be happy to advise you on which measures – also from an economic point of view – will help you to achieve your advertising goals effectively. 

One thing is certain: with each of these out-of-home measures, you generate enormous reach, with passers-by, motorists and all other road users alike: The advertising faces are usually available on highly frequented streets and important intersections in the inner city area. The fact that the locations of the banner spaces are selected individually also influences the target groups that consume your advertising. Thus, an out-of-home advertising campaign with giant posters, blow-ups, mega banners or scaffolding advertising achieves maximum visibility and enormous contact numbers, significantly increasing reach and brand awareness. What’s more, the booking period is just as attractive for advertisers: you can secure this powerful outdoor advertising for as little as one month.

Sustainable outdoor advertising with giant posters

This statement is to be understood ambiguously. On the one hand, your advertising message – on one of the largest advertising media that outdoor advertising has to offer – leaves a lasting impression. Absolutely! 

On the other hand, giant banners can be produced sustainably by using recycled materials instead of PVC. Also, ocean waste i.e. marine plastic from beaches and the oceans (10% marine plastic, 90% recycled materials in the “Green Line Ocean” production) are used for the production of giant posters. These XXL advertising banners are in no way inferior to classic materials (mesh or PVC) in terms of wind and weather resistance.

Giant posters: the new green lungs of the city? 

Giant posters can also provide fresh air in 2023! How? The advertising posters by The Pure, are provided with an air-purifying coating, which consists of active titanium dioxide. By means of the photocatalytic property, for example, exhaust gases and other pollutants are decomposed. Already an advertising surface of 500 square meters has an air-purifying effect of 35 large deciduous trees! 

Giant posters make a huge contribution, both in terms of enormous advertising power and a positive impact on the environment. Economically and ecologically a contemporary OOH advertising medium for 2023.

Special Offer: Out-of-Home Advertising on Sightseeing Buses in Berlin

Special Offer: Out-of-Home Advertising on Sightseeing Buses in Berlin

The summer is getting hot! Also for your out-of-home advertising! Because we have just the right offer ready: Address tourists and city dwellers with out-of-home advertising on sightseeing buses in Berlin!

Berlin Offer

Book your sightseeing bus advertising in Berlin by 15.05.2023 for a term between 01 June and 31 August 2023 and benefit from great discounts.

All prices plus VAT.
April 2023
Further amounts and durations upon request.

Formats: Hop-on Hop-off Buses

Whether the yellow or red, the sightseeing buses are always double-decker buses. In traffic, they therefore easily tower over passenger cars. In most sightseeing buses, the entire rear may be occupied, as a super-rear format.

Depending on the type of bus, this is approx. 20m². This offers sufficient space for your out-of-home advertising.

Would you like even more space? Then the full cover is the right format for you.

In summary: Sightseeing buses offer a large area with great visibility in the inner city area. What more could you want?

Sightseeing Bus Advertising Booking and the Creation of the Print File

Are you interested and would like to start creating the printable file right away? We will be happy to prepare an offer for you and send you the technical data sheets. So you and your graphic designers can already start with the visual creation.

We are looking forward to your request.

Out-of-home advertising with City Light Poster: “See you!”

With out-of-home advertising (OOH) on City Light Poster, the saying is almost the order of the day, and in many ways. Because this advertising format has developed into a real premium advertising medium in recent years and can now be found all over Europe.
In this sense: 

“See you … “

… always, because City Light Posters are eye-catching.

The prominent advertising medium leaves an impression, because the poster (analog or digital) is displayed in a high-quality glass showcase, clearly visible. So neither wind, nor weather can harm your advertising. This means that the high-quality impression of the out-of-home is assured throughout the entire booking period. The positive image naturally rubs off on your brand or company. 

The size (print format on a 4/1 sheet, measuring approx. 118 x 175cm), also makes your out-of-home advertising impossible to miss and guarantees optimal appeal to a mobile target group.

… even at night, thanks to backlighting of the CLPs

CLPs (short for “City Light Posters”) also have a special optical feature that attracts a lot of attention on the street, even at night. The backlighting ensures that the advertising posters remain visible, as well as legible, at any time of day or night, and can be easily seen from a distance. Thus, this outdoor advertising achieves very high contact numbers around the clock, which are indicated by the contact value (poster viewers per site).

… again, as the out-of-home advertising is located at premium locations.

Out-of-Home advertising as City Light Posters are almost exclusively intended for premium locations. The showcases are usually free-standing on public land or integrated into public transport passenger shelters. In other words, the advertising medium, i.e. your CLP advertising campaign, is conspicuously present at highly frequented transport hubs. Locations include shopping malls and pedestrian zones in city centers, but also bus shelters such as train stations and bus stops. A chance of multiple contacts is given by the optimal location of the City Light Poster, which means that the advertising effect of the out-of-home advertising can be potentiated with your target groups! 


“See you … “

… analog or digital, but always with advertising impact.

The posters usually rotate in a 2 or 3 change mechanism. The movement of the out-of-home advertising additionally increases the perception among target groups, because the human eye unconsciously reacts to movement and therefore inevitably looks towards the billboard. Those who additionally rely on moving images (i.e. digital advertising spots) benefit once again from increased visibility of their out-of-home advertising or billboard advertising. Thus, the out-of-home campaign has an enormous advertising impact even in fleeting passage situations (i.e., target persons walk or drive past the CLP). A particularly intensive customer approach is of course given in waiting situations, because this optimal circumstance ensures that the advertising posters and their message are transferred intensively and effectively to target groups. 

… elsewhere again, as CLP are available throughout Europe 

City Light Posters are booked in networks, which means that a strong reach of out-of-home advertising can be expected. The advantage here is that the poster or billboard advertising can generate a high level of attention in the cities, since the OOH is always placed in the best locations. Whether local, regional or nationwide, we will find the right CLP network to suit your marketing objectives. If desired, even Europe-wide (digital or analog billboard advertising in the form of CLPs is widely available in, for example, France, Spain or the Netherlands, etc.)! 

… in the short or long term, because advertising with City Light Posters has flexible durations

CLPs can be booked for intervals as short as one week. This means that even short OOH campaigns can make a significant contribution to advertising success. The longer the duration of the CLP network booking, the stronger its advertising impact on target persons will be. The same applies to the number of out-of-home advertising spaces. The more billboards are booked, the more contacts are reached. This is accompanied by a correspondingly strong, but above all long-term, increase in reach.

With this in mind: See you!
Your team at wtm

Out-of-Home advertising with digital screens directly at the PoS and touchpoint in Germany:  Advertise where customers like entrepreneurs and drivers buy.

Out-of-Home advertising with digital screens directly at the PoS and touchpoint in Germany: Advertise where customers like entrepreneurs and drivers buy.

You’ve probably heard of the “PoS” (point of sale) and the so-called “touchpoint”. With out-of-home advertising at the actual point of sale, such as an ATU branch or in a wholesale store like Metro, you influence the customer’s buying decision directly and in your favor.

We’ll explain exactly how this works using the classic questions. However, we can also provide you with further answers by phone under +49 30 – 224 58 996 and will be happy to advise you.

Digital City Light Posters at the point of sale:
“How” and “Why” is this type of out-of-home advertising so successful

Did you know that most purchasing decisions are not made at home, in the car or on the train, but directly at the place where the product can actually be bought? So, it’s no wonder that advertising in this environment has a particularly successful effect and contributes significantly to sales promotion. With a DCLP (Digital City Light Poster), which is placed close to your product, for example on access roads or in the entrance area, you address customers in a targeted manner, because:

The digital customer stopper is aimed at consumers who have already approached or entered the store with an intention to buy!

Your digital-out-of-home advertising (short DOOH) advertises conspicuously and prominently directly at the point of sale or touchpoint. On a Full HD advertising screen with 1.080*1.920 px or 2.160*3.840 px in Ultra HD, your target group is animated to impulse buying.

The direct contact with your advertising significantly influences the purchasing decision. In addition, the optimal placement of the advertising medium helps to generate above-average contact numbers.

OOH at the point of sale and touchpoint:
“Who” is reached “Where” with digital advertising media.

The PoS and Touchpoint:

In this article, we mainly refer to the benefits of out-of-home advertising using digital advertising media at the following points of sale such as: LEH (food retailers such as Edeka, Rewe, Trinkgut), C&C (Cash & Carry markets which are aimed at restaurateurs and wholesalers, such as Metro), but also automotive outlets such as A.T.U. and gas stations which belong to the BFT (Bundesverband freier Tankstellen, such as Aral and Esso).

Throughout Germany, it is possible to advertise at these points of sale and use the Digital City Light Posters to provide the decisive impulse that can encourage a purchase. The site-specific, local or regional allocation is realizable with the over 800 available advertising screens in Germany.

This results in enormous population coverage for your out-of-home campaign. Whether on a high-frequency access road (for example, A.T.U. or Aral) or directly in the entrance area of the retail company (for example, Metro or Marktkauf), with this type of out-of-home advertising at the PoS you can reach a large number of potential customers, thereby promoting the reach of the marketing campaign and effectively strengthening awareness of your product.

Target audience:

Outdoor advertising at the PoS is also conducive to achieving specific campaign goals, which are aimed at selective customer groups. For example, do you want to reach target groups who belong to the middle class, therefore have a certain purchasing power, and have persona characteristics such as “self-employed entrepreneur”? Positioning outdoor advertising near or directly in an entrance area of C&C markets, such as Metro, makes sense in this case. This is because access to such markets is mainly given to self-employed people. Another example: OOH at the touchpoint near car repair shops, such as A.T.U., or at BF gas stations. Here, too, the target groups are clearly defined: drivers.

The advantage is obvious! With outdoor advertising on a Digital City Light Poster, you can reach pre-selected customer groups directly at your point of sale and thus successfully advertise products, services or targeted sales of special offers.

Advertise close to the customer with digital outdoor advertising
“What” is achieved and “When” target groups are addressed

With modern, digital City Light Posters (DCLP), your outdoor advertising quickly attracts interest because the billboards are eye-catching – both in shape and size. But not only that! The digital billboards can also play your OOH spot as a moving image, i.e. with animation and motion. This creates increased visibility of outdoor advertising and awakens the need for information among target groups.

The quick bookability of the DCLP at the point of sale or touchpoint makes the marketing measure – in direct proximity to the customer – a very popular advertising medium. Whether as a Germany-wide network booking or in an individual section, the advertising spaces can already be booked for a booking period of 6 or 7 days. You therefore enjoy maximum flexibility and decide when your target groups are reached with the DCLP. In addition, the standard allocation of 10-second slots and thus 60 insertions per hour ensures that the advertising information can be captured quickly even in passage situations.

One last question remains to be answered:
When do you start with digital outdoor advertising at the point of sale, i.e. in the immediate vicinity of the place where customers can buy your product?

2023: Annual plan for your out-of-home advertising

2023: Annual plan for your out-of-home advertising

December comes as a surprise, every year. Private individuals get into stress and try to get the remaining Christmas gifts. And companies quickly prepare their annual plans for the coming year. What about your out-of-home advertising annual planning for 2023? What goals has your company set for 2023? More new customers? More repeat customers? More sales?
Out-of-home advertising helps bring new customers to your business. Whether it’s through a permanent lamppost sign with a pole sign or short campaigns with billboard advertising to present offers or new products. Outdoor advertising offers different formats for different advertising goals.

Early planning pays off 

You want to place out-of-home advertising for a certain timing or around a certain place, but the desired advertising media are no longer available? Particularly in the case of billboard advertising, the good locations are often booked up well in advance. Especially, at certain events or trade fairs, the relevant advertising faces are often gone quickly. Therefore, it pays to plan in advance.

Do you already know that you will be attending a trade fair in the fall? Then you can book the advertising media for the desired period many months in advance and only worry about the production 1 month beforehand. This way you can be sure that you will be visible at your event and do not have to stress shortly before.

Advertising media for people on short notice 

However, there are also some advertising media for those on short notice, where availability rarely becomes a problem. Digital advertising media usually offer 4 to 6 slots for different advertisers. So, the probability is higher that one can still occupy a slot. And since you don’t have to produce posters, lead times are also shorter.

Public transport advertising, such as advertising on or in cabs, trams, buses, subways and commuter trains, also offers many available vehicles for exterior wrapping and designated frames for interior advertising. For example, there are approximately 18,000 slots in the Berlin subway for the format ‘sidestripe’.

Transport advertising cannot be limited locally around a certain small area as billboard advertising around a POS can, but it is great to generate many contacts and create citywide visibility.

Annual plan 2023 

So, when it comes to campaigns around a point of interest or for an event, it pays to plan early. And with widespread transportation advertising or digital screens, you can still make use of remaining contingents at relatively short notice. What do you have planned for 2023? Would you like to find out about the new prices or formats? Feel free to contact us. We’ll send you the new presentations and be happy to submit specific offers.