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Visibility in big cities with out-of-home advertising: Easy with transportation and billboard advertising!

Visibility in big cities with out-of-home advertising: Easy with transportation and billboard advertising!

See and be seen, as the saying goes. And there’s something to that. Your company wants to be seen and decides to advertise to improve their image, increase sales or generate more downloads. But how do you achieve visibility, and especially in big cities? Out-of-home advertising gives your company the opportunity to reach many people in big cities, regardless of their other media usage. Especially in big cities, people are much more mobile thanks to public transportation and more on the go to the myriad of activities the big city has to offer. To target these people on their way, advertisers have the opportunity to place transportation and billboard advertising. In this way, you can successfully reach many potential customers. In the following, we report on a successful campaign by our client OkCupid.

A dating app conquers Berlin with outdoor advertising

Together with our colleagues from Vizible Media in London, we organized a campaign with outdoor advertising for the dating platform OkCupid. For the fact that OkCupid is actually one of the oldest dating sites on the internet, it was not very widespread in Berlin until recently. This was to change. A strong visibility was to be generated that would stand up to the constant bombardment of other dating platform competitors. To increase awareness and thus app downloads, OkCupid opted for a media mix of transportation advertising and billboard advertising. A very good choice!

Berliners are always on the move a lot on the street and with public transport. So OkCupid covered a total of 4 entire trams and 8 subway units with full exterior branding and also placed over 2,700 foils inside Berlin’s S-Bahn, U-Bahn and trams. To further increase the advertising pressure across the means of transport, more than 300 large billboards were placed in subway stations and large and small posters were stuck on more than 550 advertising columns. With this media mix, all Berliners were reached on the streets and in the means of transport. This is how the dating app conquered Berlin.

Out-of-home advertising that stands out: variety with colorful motifs

Placing a billboard is not the same as getting noticed. For advertising to be noticed, it must also be designed to be eye-catching. This is where our dating experts really went to town. Different motifs were developed for their out-of-home advertising campaign to appeal to different relationship concepts. OkCupid is known as an inclusive dating app that doesn’t just offer the classic straight concept. So up to 12 motifs were created, which were brightly colored, playful, creative, provocative, and crazy in order to appeal to as many people of different minds as possible. Very fitting to the colorful Berlin. Even though some may not have been able to immediately identify with the motif, the outdoor advertising was still extremely eye-catching due to the strong colors and witty motifs. Thus, increased perception values increased brand awareness and effective app downloads. Thumbs up!


Video Summary OkCupid Berlin campaign Fall 2021

Digital City Light Posters in local HUBs – Your city, your district, your neighborhood … – the home of your customers.

Digital City Light Posters in local HUBs – Your city, your district, your neighborhood … – the home of your customers.

Perhaps you still know this – admittedly somewhat modified – song by the Berlin rapper “Sido”, who in a way indulges in the Kiezkultur with it. Because let’s be honest, and Berliners know this best, in our neighborhood we get everything and don’t have to leave a city district for it. So, if you choose the Digital City Hub, you can meet your target group where they spend most of their time – at home in their own neighborhood.

Now, let’s get this straight: advertising in the neighborhood means little wasted coverage. Due to the location of the digital screens, advertising takes place directly in the living space of the target groups. Whether it’s on the way to the “Späti”, to their regular café or on the way to the tramway station, with the Digital Hub you integrate your advertising into the daily routine of the respective neighborhood residents. This easily generates multiple contacts and strengthens the recognition effect, especially among local people.

It is always important to know in which environment advertising is placed, because this impression inevitably rubs off on the image of the brand. The Digital City Net Hubs are modern and high-quality advertising media that always put your advertising in the right light – at the best locations in Berlin, but more on that later.

As the trend goes more and more towards digital advertising, the resolution in Full HD with 1.080*1.920 px does the rest to convey advertisements always brilliant and pin sharp to passers-by, waiting people and other road users. The digital format also allows advertisers to flexibly adapt the motifs to the events of the day. Due to the moving images of your advertising spot the attention of the target group increases further. As studies have shown, more than 75% of people passing by perceive digital advertising media, as our eyes are inevitably drawn to the movement on digital screens.

Due to the generous format of the digital advertising media, there are no limits to creativity when it comes to implementation. Thus, “stinkin’ normal” advertising suddenly becomes “infotainment”. A format that attracts the attention of neighborhood residents and visitors alike, because it combines information and entertainment. Since this type of advertising promises fun, your target group likes to look here – no matter if it’s day or night! Since the displays are illuminated, these modern advertising screens are noticed at any time of day. Moreover, bad weather can neither harm the motifs, as they are digital and behind glass, nor does it detract from the perception, as they shine and your advertising stands out!

As promised, back to the best locations: No matter whether you decide to use just one neighborhood, for example Hackescher Markt with 8 DCLPs, or strategically book Rosenthaler Platz with 24 screens, you will be present. Since the Digital City HUBs are always located at high-frequency intersections, not only the residents of the neighborhood are addressed, but also all users of public transportation. This location placement results in high contact numbers, which thus generate an enormous reach for you. A good build-up of visibility is guaranteed with this advertising medium, as the perception values are unbeatable compared to analog advertising … as is the price-performance ratio. Compared to the Digital Deluxe network with 50 locations on Ku’dam, the prices are affordable, as much smaller networks can be booked. This makes Digital Hubs extremely attractive for regional advertisers as well.

This is how neighborhood advertising works! Digital City Net Hubs are modern, innovative, and enormously attention-grabbing thanks to the digital advertising option. They are always placed in a district-specific manner and are always located where life is vibrant and where the target group is because they live there – and your advertising is right in the middle of the action. As Sido raps so beautifully “Here I get everything, I don’t even have to leave here” – probably true!

Spontaneous campaign for the store opening in Paris next week? – No problem with digital City Light Posters in the Metro!

Spontaneous campaign for the store opening in Paris next week? – No problem with digital City Light Posters in the Metro!

Sometimes things have to go quickly. Large campaigns with print posters or transit advertising often need at least 4 to 8 weeks lead time. If you don’t have that much lead time, digital City Light Posters are the best choice.

10 positive reasons for digital City Light Posters:

  1. Networks with digital City Light Posters now exist in almost all major cities in Europe.
  2. Positioniong in city centers and near public transport guarantees high contact chances and multiple contacts.
  3. The CLP format is the same in most cities, so the same spot can be broadcasted throughout Europe (1,080 x 1920 pxl)
  4. Digital CLPs can be booked spontaneously with a short lead time. Only a few days before the start of the campaign, available slots can be booked and the spots can be programmed.
  5. The digital screens are super suitable for short campaigns. Minimum booking: 1 week, sometimes even only 1 day.
  6. They can be booked with fixed spot playout or programmatically.
  7. You can have several spots broadcasted and occupy several slots.
  8. The screens benefit from high attention rates through moving images.
  9. The high resolution and best image quality make your brand shine
  10. The digital City Light Poster is a premium advertising medium and thus supports the image of the advertiser.

So digital City Light Posters shine with their flexibility and great advertising impact. That’s why, for the opening of their new store at Place de la République in Paris, Adidas had opted for a campaign on digital City Light Posters in the metro. Very good choice!

Interior advertising in buses, trains and trams:  How education institutes find new students

Interior advertising in buses, trains and trams: How education institutes find new students

It should be clear to most people that education is an important step toward success. In addition to state colleges and universities, there are also a vast number of private institutes, as well as training and continuing education programs. But in which institute should I visit which classes or training? In order to assert themselves in the highly competitive market for pupils and students, many Berlin institutes for further education count on interior advertising in public transportation: Bus, trams, S-Bahn and U-Bahn.

Why is indoor advertising such an excellent way to find new students?

  • Berlin has a safe and well-branched transportation network
  • Many people commute to work and school, due to lack of parking in the city
    -> extremely high reach (Berliners & commuters)
  • 1.5 million people use the subway daily
    -> Transit advertising = mass medium
  • Indoor advertising can be booked in various formats and for as little as 50 slides for 1 month or more
    -> cost effective way reach many multiple contacts
  • foils are durable
    -> short campaigns and annual booking possible
  • always illuminated and visible, day and night

Through indoor advertising, you can reach a large number of people who are not only potential clients themselves, but could also be parents who, as co-decision-makers, have an influence on their children’s education.  

Side stripes, front wall posters, side wall posters or rather ceiling posters?

Interior advertising is an effective way to fill courses and degree programs. That’s why some of our partners swear on interior indoor advertising. But which format is the most fitting?
The landscape-format foils above windows and doors in the subway are called side stripes. They are inexpensive and bookable in large numbers. To generate even more registrations for the start of the semester in the fall, Berlin Kolleg die BBW Hochschule, die Emil Molt Akademie and Euro Akademie each recently launched a campaign with side stripes in the Berlin subway (U-Bahn).

Since the side stripes offer only little space for details, BBW Hochschule has additionally occupied the large front wall poster surfaces. These portrait-format front wall surfaces offer plenty of space for information on registration or individual courses of study.
Damago opted for a mixture of formats and placed itself both on the narrow side strips, the huge end wall panels and the medium-sized side wall panels in the subway, as well as on the large landscape-format ceiling posters in the suburban train (S-Bahn).

We wish our partners good luck at filling the classes and study programs!

Study shows: Digital outdoor advertising proves highly effective despite lockdown!

Study shows: Digital outdoor advertising proves highly effective despite lockdown!

Complete lockdown and nobody is on the street? False! Mobility monitoring clearly shows that there is no zero level and people are still on the road. With a case study, the geolocation app GIM Traces and the Digital Media Institute also prove that the advertising impact and brand awareness of campaigns with digital outdoor advertising achieve extraordinary values despite lockdown.

In the case study, the advertising impact of two campaigns for the Hylo Eye Care product (trademarked brand of Ursapharm) was compared (2019 vs. 2020). The digital spots were shown on 80,000 screens. These so-called touchpoints were, for example, screens in pharmacies, in retail stores, at subway stations and in doctors’ waiting rooms. To measure the advertising impact, telephone and online surveys were used, as well as geo-data from the GIM Traces app from several thousand app users who had previously agreed to geo-tracking.

Question: Does digital outdoor advertising make sense during a lockdown?
Study answer: Yes!

Despite lockdown, people continue to go to work, shop, visit the doctor, or exercise outdoors. In 2020, as many as 62 percent of all people tracked had at least one contact with a touchpoint. In total, that was just 3 percent less than the previous year. And that, despite lockdown!

The strong results in terms of brand recall and awareness are also attributed not only to motifs with well-known soccer players, but also to the fact that a stimulus-reduced environment leads to greater attention to the screens.

Conclusion of the study: Digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) offers enormous potential for products and brands even in lockdown and difficult advertising phases. No wonder, then, that the share of digital advertising media in outdoor advertising is already at 35% and continues to rise. After all, digital outdoor advertising achieves an outstanding advertising impact and increases brand awareness.

Mall Videos and City Light Posters in Shopping Centers

Mall Videos and City Light Posters in Shopping Centers

Mall Videos and City Light Posters in Shopping Centers  

The Spring collection is eagerly waiting for the opening of retail and department stores

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the comeback of normality and the opening of retail, restaurants and Co.. We finally want to go shopping and treat ourselves. When the malls and shopping centers of the big cities are allowed to open their doors again, especially experience-hungry shoppers will roam the aisles. 

In many shopping centers and malls, there are digital and analog advertising spaces that accompany shoppers on their way through the rows of stores and in the parking garage and can set direct buying impulses: the so-called Mall Videos and City Light Posters in ShoppingNet

Mall Videos – digital shopping companions

With Mall Videos, you have the opportunity to present your advertising message directly to shoppers in many German shopping malls on digital advertising screens in portrait and landscape format. The average length of stay in the center is 90 minutes. Perfect to generate countless multiple contacts with mall videos and to set buying impulses directly at the point of sales (POS). Mall videos are flexible because you can chose time slots and book small networks per center. In this way, you hit your target group exactly.

City Light Poster (CLP) in shopping centers and parking garages

In addition to digital screens, many German malls and shopping centers also offer the option of using analog poster spaces: City Light Posters in the ShoppingNet. The City Light Posters accompany the shopper through the shopping aisles, at entrances and exits, and on the way to the parking garage. City Light Posters are available in small networks per mall. Therefore, the advertiser can control exactly in which environment they are present. This way, you can set buying impulses or address your target group from the local area.   


Plan now for the malls to open soon 

Particularly digital networks can be booked at short notice. If available and the posters have already been produced, CLP ShoppingNet can also be booked at short notice This allows you to react spontaneously to the opening of shopping centers and malls and target shoppers hungry for consumption. 

Sample prices

The prices for mall video spots are variable depending on the choice of time slots and playout frequency. Depending on the location, from €292.91 per week.

Here are a few specific examples of City Light Posters in ShoppingNet:

CityShopping Centervisitors/ weeknet sizeprice per net/ week
BerlinEastgate12528610 CLP1.750,00 €
BerlinGesundbrunnen Center17697012 CLP2.100,00 €
BerlinLinden-Center1187048 CLP1.400,00 €
BerlinRing-Center II1169107 CLP1.225,00 €
BerlinMärkische Zeile3109143 CLP525,00 €

To find out which center mall offers videos and CLP shopping networks, simply send us an e-mail. We will gladly send you concrete offers and availabilities. We are looking forward to your request.