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Happy New Year for your outdoor advertising! Plan your campaigns for 2024 on out-of-home advertising media now!

Happy New Year for your outdoor advertising! Plan your campaigns for 2024 on out-of-home advertising media now!

What goals have you and your company set for 2024? Do you want to increase sales, find staff, boost brand awareness, tap into new markets or simply launch an image campaign or two? No matter what campaign goal you are pursuing, outdoor advertising in the media mix is the right choice for you.

There is a wide range of different advertising media in outdoor advertising. Some advertising media can be booked individually, others only in networks. Some are analog, others digital. There are small to huge formats and short to long booking periods. The choice of out-of-home advertising media is enormous. But what they all have in common is that they reach people regardless of their other media usage.

We would be happy to advise you on which advertising media suits your campaign objective and budget. Send us your briefing and we will make suggestions and send you non-binding offers for various out-of-home advertising media. Plan your campaigns for 2024 now and achieve your goals.

Would you like to get an overview of the various advertising media? Then you will find presentations on the various outdoor advertising media here:

wtm Presentation Center

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The power of Out-of-Home advertising at trade fairs: increasing visibility and engagement

The power of Out-of-Home advertising at trade fairs: increasing visibility and engagement

Out-of-Home advertising (OOH) plays a crucial role in visibility in the trade show environment, for example at events such as the Smart Country Convention. This dynamic form of communication transcends traditional boundaries and offers unique benefits to increase brand exposure and engagement.

  1. increased visibility and multiple contacts through out-of-home advertising in front of the exhibition halls

One of the main advantages of OOH advertising at trade fairs is the increased perception value. Repeated placement of out-of-home advertising around the exhibition grounds not only creates multiple contacts, which increase the chances of the viewer remembering the advertising better, but the relevance in the trade fair context also means that the advertising is perceived better and absorbed. The viewer, usually a trade fair visitor or exhibitor, already has a legitimate interest in the trade fair. So, if the event is mentioned on the outdoor advertising, the viewer has much more of a connection and perceives the advertising as personally relevant. In most cases, individual exhibitors use the media to advertise the trade fair and invite visitors to their stand. The relevance then even results in real engagement if the viewer then accepts the invitation and visits the advertiser at the stand.

  1. Versatility of advertising media

Out-of-home advertising offers a wide variety of advertising media, from traditional posters to modern digital displays (DOOH). Brands can strategically place their messages on different media. There are also various advertising media around the Berlin exhibition grounds to target trade fair visitors. From posters at the nearby train stations (Messe-Nord/ICC, Messe-Süd & Kaiserdamm), to large analog and digital City Light Boards, City Light Columns placed along the roads leading to the exhibition grounds, to large giant posters directly opposite, to completely mobile advertising media, such as portable billboards and bicycle banners, which are moved by promoters precisely with streams of arriving visitors. Advertisers at trade fairs can make use of a wide range of options to draw attention to themselves even before the hustle and bustle of the trade fairs.

wtm-aussenwerbung  Polyteia Messe Nord ICC

  1. Building brand awareness beyond the trade fair

A key aspect of Out-of-Home advertising at trade fairs is its ability to increase brand awareness beyond the boundaries of the event. The strategic placement of billboards, pillars, screens and posters in the vicinity maintains visibility before, during and after the trade fair. High-quality contacts are generated through the relevant target group – and lots of them. Outdoor advertising at trade fairs therefore demonstrably leads to an increase in brand awareness.

The software Polyteia, which presented its technology for resilient public authorities at the Smart Country Convention, also knew how to measure these positive effects of OOH advertising. The Smart Country Convention aims to focus on the digitalization of the public sector and the topic of smart cities. To generate visibility even before the exhibition grounds, Polyteia occupied various advertising media: billboards on large-scale billboards, City Light Boards, digital City Light Boards, and Cool Lite Bikes. The promoters who moved the bike banners and moving boards were strategically positioned at HUB 27, at the south entrance to the trade fair so that as many visitors and exhibitors as possible could be addressed there. With this media mix they were sure to address all arriving and leaving trade fair visitors.

To summarize, out-of-home advertising in the trade fair environment, such as at the Smart Country Convention, offers strategic advantages for attracting attention, using different advertising media, and promoting brand awareness in the long term. In an ever-evolving advertising landscape, the timeless effectiveness of outdoor advertising remains a cornerstone of successful trade show marketing and sustained engagement.

You can  look up the up-to-date media and prices for the advertising supports around Messe Berlin in our presentation: Advertise around Messe Berlin

Vor der Messe Berlin, steht an einer stark befahrenen Straße ein analoges City Light Board. Es handelt sich dabei um eine Plakatvitrine auf einem Standfuß. Die Plakatwerbung zeigt Außenwerbung von Polyteia zur Smart Country Convention.

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    Black Friday Deal at BER Airport Berlin

    Black Friday Deal at BER Airport Berlin

    Black Friday is just around the corner, and we have two deals ready:

    1. 25% discount on all digital spaces at BER Airport

    Valid for week 47 (20.11. to 26.11.2023)

    1. double-up special for Q1/24: We double the advertising duration!

    When booking an analogue advertising space for 1 month within Q1 (01.01.2024 – 31.03.2024), you will receive the 2nd month within the 1st quarter, free of charge.
    More information and conditions below in detail.

    25% discount on all digital spaces at BER Airport

    This offer is valid for Black Friday Week, i.e. week 47 (20.11. to 26.11.2023). It is therefore an offer for last-minute bookings. Booking and spot transmission until Thursday, 16.11.2023.

    The offer is valid for all digital screens and networks at BER!

    – Digital City Light Poster BER T1 & T2
    – Digital Marketplace Deluxe T1
    – Digital Screens Arrival T2
    – Digital Plaza T2
    – Digital Screens Departure T2
    – Digital lounge network T1

    Information and prices for the individual networks can be found in our presentation: Airport advertising at BER

    Longer advertising periods are also possible. Please contact us and we will prepare an offer for you.

    Double-Up Special for Q1/24: We double the advertising duration!

    Book an analogue advertising space for 1 month and we’ll add another month free of charge on top. That’s the double-up! WOW!

    2 requirements:

    – Booking until 31.12.2023
    – Advertising period: within Q1 (01.01.2024 – 31.03.2024)

    This offer is only valid for analogue spaces, not for digital. All formats, information and prices for analog spaces can be found in our presentation:

    Airport advertising at BER

    Am Terminal 1 des BER Flughafen Berlin-Brandenburg hängt an der Wand neben einem Laufband ein hinterleuchtetes Coloramen. Die Backlight Werbefläche zeigt die Werbung für eine Ausstellung zu archäologischen Funden aus Usbekistan. Links sieht man Menschen, die mit Ihren Koffern auf dem Laufband laufen.

    Digital or analog, or both?  

    We look forward to hearing from you and are curious to see which deal you would like to take up. Are you team digital or team analog? Or both? We’ll be surprised.

    Your wtm team


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      High visibility for your Out-of-Home advertising: Digital City Light Boards in Berlin

      High visibility for your Out-of-Home advertising: Digital City Light Boards in Berlin

      Do you want to quickly place an out-of-home advertising campaign in Berlin and achieve high visibility? Then, digital City Light Boards are the right choice for you. The 9-m² screens are strategically placed on high-traffic routes, achieving a net reach of 24.4% with the Berlin network of 46 large screens.

      Still in doubt? Then, here are 8 reasons why you should book digital city light boards in Berlin to achieve high visibility.

      1. High Frequency Medium

      Thanks to their placement on main traffic routes, the digital City Light Boards are seen by thousands of people every day. Over the course of a week, this amounts to 2,778,000 gross contacts! Many commuters drive along the main roads every day. As the digital City Light Boards are often double-sided, commuters may even see your advertising twice a day! On the way to and from work. Reaching people out-of-home is great with digital city light boards.

      1. Great Visibility.wtm-aussenwerbung Dubai_I

      The digital City Light Boards in Berlin are strategically positioned. They are located on road median strips, at intersections with traffic lights or at the side of the road and are inclined so that moving traffic can see them very well. This way, they are highly visible to moving traffic. The 9 m² screen is also mounted on a 3-meter-high stand and easily overlooks traffic. This means it is clearly visible from afar and is not obscured by parked cars. The CLB is digital and broadcasts your out-of-home advertising in brilliant colors even in bad weather and in the evening.

      3. Target Group with High Purchasing Power

      The digital City Light Boards are positioned to appeal to car drivers and commuters. They are therefore car owners, commuters with homes on the outskirts who commute into the city and many working people. It is therefore an interesting and affluent target group with high purchasing power.

      1. Short-term Booking Possible!

      As the digital City Light Boards are digital screens that can also be booked programmatically, it is possible to make a decision at short notice and deliver the clip within a few days or even hours. Short lead times are becoming increasingly popular, especially for offers and events. Thus, the digital CLB is great for short-term bookings of out-of-home advertising.

      1. Great Availability

      With a regular booking of one slot per week on the digital City Light Boards, you have one 10-second slot available per minute. This makes up to 6 advertisers happy per minute. As 6 slots are available, you may be lucky to have a slot available even if you make a request at short notice. This is a definite advantage of digital out-of-home.

      1. Short Campaign Duration Possible!

      The digital City Light Boards are usually booked per week. A week is already a short campaign. But the digital screens can also be booked per day or programmatically. Thus, the dCLBs are also great for short campaigns.

      1. Flexible Booking

      In Berlin, you can book the digital City Light Boards as a full network, partial network, or simply select them individually. This allows you to book exactly the locations you need for your out-of-home campaign. For those who like it even more targeted: What do you think of digital programmatic playout? This allows you to address your target group with various data triggers.

      1. Positive Effect on the Brand Image

      Digital is the trend of the future. The modernization of out-of-home advertising is progressing and many advertising media are being digitized. For you! Displaying your outdoor advertising on a modern digital advertising medium has a positive effect on your image. It makes your brand modern, dynamic, up to date.

      Digital City Light Boards are therefore a great medium for out-of-home advertising to generate great visibility and high contact numbers quickly and flexibly. Why not give it a try!



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        Brand new in Berlin!  Taxi advertising now has programmatic digital rooftop advertising! WOW

        Brand new in Berlin! Taxi advertising now has programmatic digital rooftop advertising! WOW

        You may have noticed, in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin there are now more and more taxis that have digital screens on the roof. Some may not have realized that the rooftop advertising is digital. This is because with its 1920 x 540 pixels, the taxi advertising on the full HD screens is razor sharp. In order for the viewer’s eye to properly grasp the cab advertising on a moving medium like cabs, only still images and no animations are currently allowed to be played.
        Okay, so why is digital rooftop advertising WOW? Because it is taxi advertising that can be programmatically controlled! The advertising is displayed on the screen only when the data triggers you specified trigger the playout. This takes taxi advertising in Berlin to a new level. WOW!

        Control taxi advertising through data triggers
        So how can taxi advertising be triggered? And which data carriers are possible? When setting up the campaign with digital rooftop advertising, you can decide when and where your advertising should be seen. That is, you can specify certain streets, postal codes, or a 5 km radius around a so-called point of interest (POI), for example. These are then set as data triggers for you. Through the GPS data of the taxis, the program recognizes which cabs are in the desired area and plays your taxi advertising only then.
        This type of control is particularly suitable if you want to advertise at a particular event or trade fair. Then you can cover exactly the target area where the event takes place. Perfect for local targeting! In addition, visitors, and exhibitors to congresses and trade fairs often travel by taxi themselves, thus increasing the visibility of your advertising through a larger number of taxis in this area.

        Taxiwerbung Berlin - Digitaler Screen auf einem Taxi Dach. Querformat. Die Taxiwerbung zeigt einen weißen Turnschuh. Hinter dem Taxi sieht man Bäume und ein Hafenbecken.

        In addition to the local data triggers, other data triggers such as days, times or the weather can also be set up. For example, you can play one spot in the morning and another in the evening. You have a cafe or restaurant? Invite in the morning with cafe and croissant and in the evening with burger and fries! Or is it raining? Then your cab advertising shows the warm soup of the day. This is how easy it is to target your taxi advertising and invite your customers to come to you.

        What is the cost of taxi advertising with digital roof advertising?
        Compared to other digital out-of-home advertising, digital roof advertising is very cost-effective! Here, we are presenting an example offer to you:

        Example offer:

        • Taxi advertising: digital roof advertising
        • Format: 90,6 x 25,8 cm
        • Days 5
        • Playouts 2000 per day
        • Total 10.000 plays
        • Added value: 400 playouts with a value of 210€*.
          *if still booked in 2023
        • Total: 10.400 playouts
        • Media € 1.050,00
        • Technical costs: € 150,00
        • Reporting* free of charge
          *including receipt images and heat map of the playouts
        • Total € 1.200,00 plus VAT.

        10.400 playouts for just € 1.200! That is WOW!

        Book digital cab roof advertising
        Now, if you are convinced that digital cab roof advertising is a great fit for your next campaign or business, then give us a call or send us an email! Then we will be happy to create an individual offer for your desired specifications and data triggers.
        By the way, digital cab roof advertising can also be ideally combined with conventional cab advertising. E.g. by foiling the cab doors with the so-called Door Cover Format!

        Taxiwerbung Berlin -

        We look forward to your inquiry!
        Your wtm outdoor advertising team

        Sightseeing bus advertising is the best bus advertising

        Sightseeing bus advertising is the best bus advertising

        Pretty daring thesis, do you agree? Possibly. But of course, it always depends on which advertising goals you are pursuing and which target groups you want to address. But sightseeing bus advertising has some advantages over conventional bus advertising. In the following article, we would like to present these positive aspects of sightseeing bus advertising to you. Then you can decide if you want to agree with us that sightseeing bus advertising is the best bus advertising. 


        Permanently high reach with Sightseeing bus advertising through fixed routes through the city center! 

        Bus advertising on sightseeing buses opens up an excellent opportunity for companies and brands to present their messages to a wide target audience aesthetically and effectively. This form of out-of-home advertising combines the advantages of mobility, regional applicability, and high contact intensity to achieve a lasting advertising impact. This is because sightseeing buses, also known as hop-on-hop-off buses, travel on fixed routes through the downtown areas of Europe’s major cities. They stop at busy city districts and historical and tourist hotspots. As a result, bus advertising on sightseeing buses offers considerable reach and visibility. Downtown areas are always buzzing. So, the buses attract the attention of tourists, locals, commuters, and other road users. The advertising messages on the exterior surfaces of the sightseeing buses thus become eye-catchers in the city center and generate a high presence for the advertised brand.

        Unlike conventional buses, which do not generally offer line binding, the sightseeing buses travel on fixed routes through the city center. This means that high reach is guaranteed throughout the entire advertising period. In the case of normal bus advertising, this type of line binding is not available in all cities and is only available for a high surcharge. The free line commitment on premium routes through the city center and the resulting high coverage are a clear advantage of sightseeing bus advertising over conventional bus advertising. 


        Best visibility and creative design possibilities because sightseeing buses are double-deckers!

        The design options for bus advertising on sightseeing buses are great because the vehicles are double-deckers. Thus, they offer a large advertising surface. Companies can choose between two different formats: Super-rear format and full cover. The Super-rear format is especially popular because it offers approximately 20 m² of advertising space on the back of the sightseeing bus. Since the buses are double-deckers, the advertising on the rear surface easily overlooks other vehicles and normal buses. This guarantees the best visibility even in heavy traffic. With the full cover format, the entire exterior surface of the bus is used to present the advertising message in an appealing form. Even the windows can be covered with a specific window adhesive. This form is particularly suitable for longer-term image advertising and offers scope for creative presentation and marketing ideas. In this way, bus advertising on sightseeing buses ensures a high brand presence in the long term and arouses the interest of potential customers. But this most eye-catching form of bus advertising can also be booked for short campaigns. An original eye-catcher!


        Sightseeing bus advertising is cheap and bookable from 2 weeks!

        Advertising on sightseeing buses can be booked flexibly. The minimum booking period is just 2 weeks. For normal buses, the smaller formats can be booked from a minimum of 4 weeks. Larger formats, such as full or partial cover, are marketed as long-term advertising with a runtime of 12 months. For shorter running times, the advertiser must accept surcharges. There are no such surcharges for advertising on sightseeing buses! Clear point for advertising on sightseeing buses.


        Summer Special: 

        Sightseeing in Berlin: 5 buses
        Format: Super Rear
        Duration: 4 weeks
        Media costs: € 25.000,00
        Production: € 7.500,00
        Plus VAT.


        Is sightseeing bus advertising the best bus advertising? 

        What do you say? Were the arguments convincing? The advertising impact of bus advertising on sightseeing buses should not be underestimated, especially due to the numerous waiting situations at bus stops and in city traffic. The sheer size of the advertising space on the double-decker and the eye-catching design on sightseeing buses grab people’s attention and stick in their minds. This strengthens brand awareness and creates a positive image impact. In addition, compared to other forms of advertising, sightseeing bus advertising is cost-effective and offers a convincing price-performance ratio. This is because the fixed routes through the busy city center generate unbeatable coverage and countless contacts. We say yes, sightseeing bus advertising is the best bus advertising.