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Poster advertising is the absolute classic in out-of-home advertising. But there are so many different advertising media and poster formats. Today we want to take a look at billboard advertising in mixed poster showcases. But what are mixed poster showcases (German: Allgemeinstelle)? And in particular, at train stations?

Advertising media that offer space for several posters from different advertisers are referred to as mixed poster showcases, in German: Allgemeinstellen. As a rule, these advertising media can be booked in networks with numerous locations. The billboards can be placed in A1, A0 and 4/1 formats. Mixed poster showcases include, for example, columns, billboard walls, and display cases at train stations. Today we are talking about poster display cases. But what are the advantages of these poster showcases at train stations?


The 8 advantages of poster showcases:

Location & surroundings: The train station

The posters in the poster display cases at train stations benefit greatly from their surroundings. Train stations are interesting advertising locations because they are a popular touchpoint. Many people use local transport every day and thus come into contact with the billboards at the station. The poster showcases are located on the platforms, in the ticket halls and in the connecting tunnels, i.e. where they are seen by station users.

Furthermore, the advertising posters at the station are always protected from wind and weather, due to the platform roof and station building, and are always illuminated and clearly visible thanks to the station lighting. The station environment is an absolute advantage for the poster showcases compared to other billboard advertising, e.g. on the street. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a regional train station, suburban train station or subway station, train stations are a big hit!

Increased perception due to long reception time

The poster display cases on the platforms in particular are the winners! Because passengers wait for the train, bus or tram before boarding and like to spend their time looking around, the advertising posters in the poster display cases can attract people’s attention. The waiting situation increases the reception time and so the poster advertising in the display cases at stations enjoys increased perception values.

Opportunities for interaction

Another advantage of poster display cases at train stations is the opportunity for interaction. Because people can get so close to the billboards in the display cases, advertisers can integrate a lot of information and interaction options. By placing QR codes or other interactive elements on the posters, potential customers can interact directly with the advertised brand. This promotes customer loyalty and facilitates access to further information.

In der Plakatvitrine auf einem U-Bahnhof in Berlin sieht man 4 Plakate, die verschiedene Konzerte und Events bewerben.

Network booking for high reach

Poster advertising in showcases is almost exclusively booked in networks. This means that the advertiser books not just one display case, but between 5 and 500 posters at different locations in a defined network. Some networks even guarantee extensive coverage of the entire city! This means that the poster display cases at train stations, for example, can reach all users of the U-Bahn or S-Bahn. In Berlin, that’s 1.5 million passengers a day! That’s an enormous reach and a major advantage this billboard medium! Thanks to a large number of posters, the advertising campaign not only enjoys high net contacts, i.e. people reached, but also high gross contacts, because…

Better remembered through multiple contacts

Network booking not only means that many people come into contact with the billboard advertising in showcases, but they also see the posters several times on their way from station to station. And if you consider that many commuters travel the same route to and from work 5 times a week, these people come into contact with the advertising posters at least 10 times a week at just one of the stations. The multiple contacts increase perception and lead to the poster advertising being better remembered. Multiple contacts are a clear advantage of poster showcases.

Local relevance for more attention

In addition to the large, city-wide networks, poster display cases at train stations can also be booked in more regional networks. For example, an advertiser can book Network West and thus cover all the poster display cases in the network at stations in the west. Local topics are very popular on regional networks, as the local and thematic proximity generates increased attention and relevance for the viewer. Local relevance is therefore a clear advantage of poster advertising in the train station display cases.

Phenomenal price-performance ratio

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, billboard advertising in poster showcases offers unbeatable value for money. Compared to other types of poster advertising, the showcases are very inexpensive. Why?

As already mentioned, the poster formats in display cases are 4/1, A0, and A1. This is relatively small, but is not relevant at the station, as waiting passengers can get very close to the poster display cases to be able to see, recognize and study all the content. Another aspect is that the advertising posters in the general display cases are not exclusive. A display case usually contains up to 4 x A1 posters. This means that every advertiser has to vie for the attention of the viewer. This aspect is also less relevant at the station, as the people waiting usually want to pass their time and soak up any entertainment.
Nonetheless, general display cases at railroad stations offer phenomenal value for money. Compared to other poster formats, the media costs are phenomenally low when you consider how many locations you occupy and how many contacts you generate. WOW!

Auf dem Bahnhof Rosa-Luxemburg Platz in Berlin steht eine Plakatvitrine auf dem Bahnsteig. Darin hängen 2 kleine A1 Plakate und ein größeres A0 Plakat. Im Hintergrund ist ein historisches Bahnhofsbild in die Fliesen eingelassen.

Flexibility thanks to short running times and different start dates

As if the great placement, great performance and low prices weren’t enough, the poster display cases have another advantage: flexibility. This is because the networks can be booked for periods of as little as 1 week. The fact that poster advertising in station display cases can be booked for as little as 7 days makes them very suitable for short, concise campaigns to provide an impulse. These impulses can be, for example, special buying impulses or offers with a limited duration or event announcements. Poster showcases are very popular for art and culture. Inexpensive, wide reach and bookable at short notice? Perfect!
And if you want to be even more precise: the different networks start on different days of the week. So, you can book exactly the network that covers the desired advertising period. Great!

What does poster advertising in general locations cost?

Our 8 advantages of poster showcases have convinced you and now you’re interested in finding out which billboard networks are available and what exactly this form of poster advertising costs? No problem! We have prepared two presentations for Berlin here:

Poster showcases at train stations 

Column advertising

Click on the link to open the presentation on our website.

For other cities or location lists, please contact us! We will be happy to send you a non-binding offer and further information.

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