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Well, the dinosaur of advertising media does not originate from the Mesozoic period, but from 1854, when the Berlin printer – and namesake – Ernst Litfaß developed the first outdoor advertising medium. By 2020, however, the advertising pillar can be much more than just thick, round and eye-catching.
Advertising pillars used to be placed where urbanity pulsates most.

That’s where they are still located, or rather, their descendants: the City Light columns. Whether at important traffic junctions, lively and popular places or on busy streets, your target group will find your advertising message exclusively in premium locations – such as the Ku’Damm in Berlin.

Kurfürstendamm is a popular and lively shopping mile, especially now in the Christmas season, and is more highly frequented than ever. But it’s not just shopping that drives even more visitors, passers-by and strolling along the mile, it’s also the whole special Christmas glamour! Brightly lit trees and well-known figures such as Father Christmas, Nutcracker and Co. decorate the 3.5 km long street with over 140,000 LED lights and make shopping a real experience.

20 of Berlin’s city light columns are located at Ku’Damm alone and can make your advertising part of the Christmas experience. And you benefit from the high contact density of the shoppers. Furthermore, your advertising is in no way inferior to the glowing Christmas decorations, because: The fully glazed advertising pillars are brightly backlit. Thus, your advertising message is always clearly visible and stands out brilliantly from the darkness. This increases attention additionally, as the advertising medium and the advertising message are perceived for longer.

Furthermore, city light pillars attract additional attention due to the rotating technology. This means that the columns rotate continuously and thus enable your advertising to be seen by the target group all around and to its full extent. Speaking of scale:

The illuminated columns offer a particularly large scale. The unusual portrait format (1.19 x 3.5 m) attracts even more attention to you or your advertising message. By making creative use of the advertising space, the campaign objective can be increased many times over!

The modern dinosaurs, the advertising pillar, are attention-grabbing advertising media, without question! They guarantee a fast build-up of reach and a correspondingly strong contact volume. The background lighting and rotation ensure increased perception.

Place your bets on the illuminated pillars, which line the Ku’Damm and other Berlin shopping streets, especially now in the Christmas season and benefit from the positive effects of the advertising medium like no other season.