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Today’s article will answer in clear arguments the two questions why airport advertising should be an important part of trade fair marketing and why exactly it should be digital posters at the airport. Generally speaking, airports are the hubs of international exchange of people, cultures, goods and brands. It’s no wonder that there are a wide variety of media here that advertisers can use to present their brands and messages to global citizens.
But why should you place digital airport advertising especially for trade fairs and events? 

The advertising hits the desired target group with a high percentage! Out-of-home advertising is known as a one-to-many medium. You simply reach a lot of people. Then, there are also many scattering losses among them. In other words, people for whom the advertising may not be relevant. Many international visitors travel to trade shows and other events by plane. This means that advertisers can reach target groups in a particularly concentrated form with out-of-home advertising at the airport – at precisely the right time for the trade show.

Airport advertising enjoys particularly good perception rates among trade show visitors!
The direct reference of the trade fair visitors to the trade show topic of the airport advertising leads to a better perception of the advertising. Directly on the exhibition grounds, where there is an enormous sensory overload due to the many stands, people and the high noise level, the advertising is perceived less. Therefore, placing the brand outside the hustle and bustle is an effective marketing strategy to invite visitors to join you at the booth. Airport advertising is thus noticed by trade show visitors and acts as a direct invitation.

Digital posters are the ideal media for airport advertising because the booking parameters are perfect for trade fairs and events!
Kampagne: "Gemeinsam gegen Krebs" an einem Flughafen auf digitalen Werbeträgern Digital posters are screens, steles, digital city light posters and video walls. You can find the digital posters mostly in networks all over the airport and they accompany the way of passengers through public and non-public areas. The booking parameters are simply perfect for trade fairs and events because events are usually limited in time. This means that advertisers would like to achieve particularly high visibility in a short period of time. It’s a perfect fit that most digital screens can be booked for as little as one week. Other media must first be produced and installed at great expense, and usually have minimum terms of 1 month or even 1 year. This would be far too long and also useless for advertisers at trade fairs. Because after the trade fair, their target group is gone again. So, if they play the digital posters in the exact week that the trade fair is taking place, they will reach all arriving passengers, and, of course, their target group.  

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