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Perhaps you still know this – admittedly somewhat modified – song by the Berlin rapper “Sido”, who in a way indulges in the Kiezkultur with it. Because let’s be honest, and Berliners know this best, in our neighborhood we get everything and don’t have to leave a city district for it. So, if you choose the Digital City Hub, you can meet your target group where they spend most of their time – at home in their own neighborhood.

Now, let’s get this straight: advertising in the neighborhood means little wasted coverage. Due to the location of the digital screens, advertising takes place directly in the living space of the target groups. Whether it’s on the way to the “Späti”, to their regular café or on the way to the tramway station, with the Digital Hub you integrate your advertising into the daily routine of the respective neighborhood residents. This easily generates multiple contacts and strengthens the recognition effect, especially among local people.

It is always important to know in which environment advertising is placed, because this impression inevitably rubs off on the image of the brand. The Digital City Net Hubs are modern and high-quality advertising media that always put your advertising in the right light – at the best locations in Berlin, but more on that later.

As the trend goes more and more towards digital advertising, the resolution in Full HD with 1.080*1.920 px does the rest to convey advertisements always brilliant and pin sharp to passers-by, waiting people and other road users. The digital format also allows advertisers to flexibly adapt the motifs to the events of the day. Due to the moving images of your advertising spot the attention of the target group increases further. As studies have shown, more than 75% of people passing by perceive digital advertising media, as our eyes are inevitably drawn to the movement on digital screens.

Due to the generous format of the digital advertising media, there are no limits to creativity when it comes to implementation. Thus, “stinkin’ normal” advertising suddenly becomes “infotainment”. A format that attracts the attention of neighborhood residents and visitors alike, because it combines information and entertainment. Since this type of advertising promises fun, your target group likes to look here – no matter if it’s day or night! Since the displays are illuminated, these modern advertising screens are noticed at any time of day. Moreover, bad weather can neither harm the motifs, as they are digital and behind glass, nor does it detract from the perception, as they shine and your advertising stands out!

As promised, back to the best locations: No matter whether you decide to use just one neighborhood, for example Hackescher Markt with 8 DCLPs, or strategically book Rosenthaler Platz with 24 screens, you will be present. Since the Digital City HUBs are always located at high-frequency intersections, not only the residents of the neighborhood are addressed, but also all users of public transportation. This location placement results in high contact numbers, which thus generate an enormous reach for you. A good build-up of visibility is guaranteed with this advertising medium, as the perception values are unbeatable compared to analog advertising … as is the price-performance ratio. Compared to the Digital Deluxe network with 50 locations on Ku’dam, the prices are affordable, as much smaller networks can be booked. This makes Digital Hubs extremely attractive for regional advertisers as well.

This is how neighborhood advertising works! Digital City Net Hubs are modern, innovative, and enormously attention-grabbing thanks to the digital advertising option. They are always placed in a district-specific manner and are always located where life is vibrant and where the target group is because they live there – and your advertising is right in the middle of the action. As Sido raps so beautifully “Here I get everything, I don’t even have to leave here” – probably true!