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Finding jobs and employees is difficult in just about every industry. Online, for example, there are plenty of portals where an employer has to activate his advertisement at great expense in the hope that the right people from the right target neighborhood will contact him. It is much easier to transfer the employee search to the street with bus advertising, where the advertising is seen daily by countless people in your desired region.

Buses are a very sociable medium and achieve high coverage daily. No matter whether car driver, cyclist, pedestrian or passenger, bus advertising is seen by all road users. According to the study of the Fachverband für Außenwerbung bus advertising perceived by 82% of respondents. This is 15% more than for train advertising and even almost 20% more than for taxi advertising. As a result, it becomes clear that bus advertising receives particularly high attention from road users. So why not use this attention and reach potential new employees?

For campaigns of a few months, such as an employee search, formats such as the Traffic Board on the side or the back of the bus are suitable. Especially, advertising on the rear area offers the advertiser high contact numbers at a reasonable price. Here in our example, the Stiftung Bildung und Handwerk (SBH-Nord) was looking for educators in the north of Berlin. They did this specifically by covering the backs of buses on routes that are linked to bus depots in the north. This way the bus advertising effectively addressed potential new employees in the north of Berlin.