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Hamburg has something new to offer in out-of-home advertising, namely the “Public Video City Tower”. A monumental DOOH (short for “Digital Out of Home”) is currently conquering Hamburg’s neighborhoods. From Altona to the Reeperbahn to St. Pauli and Hamburg Airport, this digital city light column will turn your advertising campaign in the “pearl” itself into a sensational gem! (Addition for all “landlubbers”: Hamburgers also affectionately call their Hanseatic city “My Pearl”). 

Public Video City Tower: Advertising makes it big
This advertising space is truly a “City Tower”. With a height of almost 5 meters, the tower offers the perfect stage for a large advertising presence and makes your outdoor advertising, also called OOH (short for “Out of Home”), a real eye-catcher on Hamburg’s streets. The digital LED screens, which have an advertising screen of 3.25 m², let your advertising shine in portrait format – and that even in all kinds of bad weather. Thus, the digital out-of-home advertising is always clearly visible in the time window from 06:00 in the morning until late at night at 24:00. 

Of course, the digital advertising is also positioned at highly frequented locations, i.e. at important traffic junctions, in busy pedestrian zones or at tourist hotspots, thus easily ensuring an enormous reach for your outdoor advertising. 

Digital screens: An attention-grabbing video tower
Another advantage of Digital Out of Home is the possibility to use moving image advertising in addition to the classic still image. This means that cinemagrams and animation can increase the attention of target groups many times over. The movement on the advertising face literally attracts the human eye, which again generates contact numbers. A flexible change of motifs and various occupancy options for the city light columns can thus be implemented. 

The mix makes it even more interesting: Out-of-home advertising that inspires target groups
Your digital advertising is embedded in a 3-minute program loop consisting of editorial contributions such as news, local information and weather forecasts. In this program loop, your commercial secures an unmissable advertising presence on the Public Video City Tower! The spot length of the out-of-home advertising contributes 10 seconds in single frequency. This means that your spot will enjoy up to 20 repetitions per hour, that’s 360 per day per location!

This would be the classic slot-based booking. Or you can decide how many contacts you want to reach with digital advertising on Public Video City Towers, because the choice is yours:  

Loop-based or contact-based playout?
Both are possible with the Public Video City Tower!
In addition to booking a loop, i.e. a fixed number of times the digital spot displayed on the Public Video City Towers can be booked as contact-based playout – this is also known as “audience-based advertising”. This means that in the OOH campaign is not calculated according to the number of airings, but according to contacts. All in all, a very flexible and data-based campaign planning and playout. In terms of the booking interval, you can also choose between specific time slots, a 7-day interval or even a day-by-day and thus flexible playout, completely in line with your marketing strategy. 

No matter which variant or which interval, with the Public Video City Tower, one of the most modern and newest city light columns in Hamburg, you can rely on an attention-grabbing advertising medium. 

DOOH: The right outdoor advertising network for everyone
As always: the best comes at the end. Thanks to network or partial network booking, you can reach Hamburgers, professionals, tourists, commuters and shoppers in a targeted manner – and yes, even the night owls on the Reeperbahn.

Adapt your OOH network individually to the radius of movement of your target groups and choose between a district network or a themed network and advertise exactly where you want and land savely in the minds of your (future) customers. 

Whether Altona, Neustadt or Rotherbaum, because this is where your target persons increasingly live and work? Or reach strollers at the river Elbe and greet travelers at HAM airport … the variations are manifold, the contact numbers of your target groups to be reached enormous.

The digital Public Video City columns are not yet available in any other city, but are exclusively available in Hamburg, so far. This fact also favors that your out-of-home  advertising – to be seen at the best locations in Hamburg, such as at main traffic axes and in pedestrian zones with high contact volume – will be noticed more. After all, these are brand-new, high-quality and modern advertising media that (re)present your out-of-home advertising.

You no longer have to fight for the attention of your target groups with this dazzling advertising medium. Hamburg has one more pearl: your advertising campaign on the “Public Videos City Tower”!