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On a large number of billboards, friendly public service employees smile at us. They symbolize occupational groups such as the fire brigade, public order department, police and so on. The Berlin Senate hopes that the campaign will raise awareness of the achievements of these people, without whom it would be inconceivable to work together in the city. The campaign started with large areas at subway and S-Bahn stations. A few days later, passenger television in Berlin’s underground followed, introducing occupational groups every day and saying thank you for your personal commitment.

In mid-November, around 2,000 posters will be displayed on the advertising pillars in Berlin’s Straßenland and poster display cases at railway stations, thus intensifying this campaign. Then the time has come that one can rightly say: Outdoor advertising meets everyone. Of course, the meaning or the superfluousness is discussed contrary in the general public and in the media. And that’s a good thing, as the Berliner has been saying since 2001. If the campaign reaches a public discussion, then it has achieved its goal. When was the last time an advertising campaign was discussed?