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Mall Videos and City Light Posters in Shopping Centers  

The Spring collection is eagerly waiting for the opening of retail and department stores

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the comeback of normality and the opening of retail, restaurants and Co.. We finally want to go shopping and treat ourselves. When the malls and shopping centers of the big cities are allowed to open their doors again, especially experience-hungry shoppers will roam the aisles. 

In many shopping centers and malls, there are digital and analog advertising spaces that accompany shoppers on their way through the rows of stores and in the parking garage and can set direct buying impulses: the so-called Mall Videos and City Light Posters in ShoppingNet

Mall Videos – digital shopping companions

With Mall Videos, you have the opportunity to present your advertising message directly to shoppers in many German shopping malls on digital advertising screens in portrait and landscape format. The average length of stay in the center is 90 minutes. Perfect to generate countless multiple contacts with mall videos and to set buying impulses directly at the point of sales (POS). Mall videos are flexible because you can chose time slots and book small networks per center. In this way, you hit your target group exactly.

City Light Poster (CLP) in shopping centers and parking garages

In addition to digital screens, many German malls and shopping centers also offer the option of using analog poster spaces: City Light Posters in the ShoppingNet. The City Light Posters accompany the shopper through the shopping aisles, at entrances and exits, and on the way to the parking garage. City Light Posters are available in small networks per mall. Therefore, the advertiser can control exactly in which environment they are present. This way, you can set buying impulses or address your target group from the local area.   


Plan now for the malls to open soon 

Particularly digital networks can be booked at short notice. If available and the posters have already been produced, CLP ShoppingNet can also be booked at short notice This allows you to react spontaneously to the opening of shopping centers and malls and target shoppers hungry for consumption. 

Sample prices

The prices for mall video spots are variable depending on the choice of time slots and playout frequency. Depending on the location, from €292.91 per week.

Here are a few specific examples of City Light Posters in ShoppingNet:

CityShopping Centervisitors/ weeknet sizeprice per net/ week
BerlinEastgate12528610 CLP1.750,00 €
BerlinGesundbrunnen Center17697012 CLP2.100,00 €
BerlinLinden-Center1187048 CLP1.400,00 €
BerlinRing-Center II1169107 CLP1.225,00 €
BerlinMärkische Zeile3109143 CLP525,00 €

To find out which center mall offers videos and CLP shopping networks, simply send us an e-mail. We will gladly send you concrete offers and availabilities. We are looking forward to your request.