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The Berlin Senate has the right to re-tender and reassign advertising on light poles. New brooms now sweep back to the end of the year and bring us new formats, running times and terms of payment in addition to a different framework.

Prices for advertising signs on lampposts:
The prices remain unchanged in 2019. The non-illuminated pole sign costs € 996.00 per year and an illuminated sign € 1,740.00 per year. This is all net prices, VAT will be added. In the premium areas, a sign with lighting costs € 2,340.00 per year. However, Friedrichstrasse will be removed in the next few years because no advertising signs will be permitted on the two-armed lanterns. These signs will be removed at the beginning of 2019.

Contract periods for signs on light poles
The minimum booking time for unlit pole signs is 24 months. If you want to save production costs, you should opt for a three-year contract. The minimum term for illuminated signs is 36 months. The costs already include all ancillary costs such as the poster frame, approval costs, insurance, etc., so that the running times of 24 or 36 months are necessary to maintain the favourable tariff.

Motif Change
In the lantern – frame a Dibondplatte laminated with the advertising foil is hung up. This assembly principle makes a favorable motive change possible at a value of approximately € 120.00, and at any time and at short notice. You only send the printable PDF document and the production and assembly is done in a few days.

Discounts and conditions
The contracts always run on a calendar year basis. This is why we speak of annual rents, which have to be paid in advance in January. Quantity and time discounts on request.

How do you get advertising on lanterns?
Pole signs have an important function in your catchment area – they provide information about your location: 300 metres to the left.

Since not every light pole may be occupied with advertising, we look at your desired area and submit a proposal to you free of charge. From the locations you select the suitable lanterns and receive afterwards an individual offer. After your approval the approval procedure is initiated, which lasts between 4 and 6 weeks. During this time, the layouts can be created and the print data can be generated. Once the approval has been received, we go into production. After assembly you will receive your photos from us. And now we can only wish your advertising the best possible success.