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TRIBES advertises their new co-working office in Frankfurt with billboards and bus advertising.

The slogan “Back to the office again” can currently be found on billboards and bus advertising in downtown Frankfurt. TRIBES is advertising for their new co-working office in the Marienforum. Here you can rent individual work desks, private offices, meeting rooms and entire floors on a permanent basis or just by the day. Great for all those who are no longer in the mood for home-office anymore.

As an opening campaign for the new location, TRIBES placed targeted billboard advertising on various large-scale billboards in the streets and train stations near the new co-working office in downtown Frankfurt. In addition, the motif was also placed in traffic board format on buses and is rolling through the city.


Large-scale billboards and traffic boards – the perfect duo for the graphic designer and media planner

Putting together an effective media mix for an advertising campaign is not always easy for media planners. The more different media you include, the more work it means for the graphic designer, who has to adapt the motif to a wide variety of formats. However, large-scale billboards and traffic boards are a particularly good duo.

Large-scale billboards are the classic in poster advertising and can be found all over Germany on the streets and in train stations. Thanks to their standardized 18/1 format, the graphic designer can sit back and relax, because he or she only has to create the motif in one format. Even if bus advertising in traffic board format is added, the graphic designer does not have to panic: traffic boards are also available in 18/1 format. The only thing to keep in mind here is that the vehicle notches do not interfere with important text or image elements.

It is not just the same format that makes large-scale billboards and traffic boards a perfect duo, but also how they complement each other in their advertising impact. Large billboards can be selected individually and are therefore ideal for targeted placement around the target group’s environment or around the POI (Point of Interest, in this case the Marienforum). Complementary to billboard advertising at selected locations, bus advertising offers a wide reach and many contacts, as advertising on public transport rolls through the streets incessantly. Thus, targeted large-scale billboards and the strong visibility and reach provided by bus advertising complement each other to form a perfect duo.