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Or: When cat content attracts attention not only online, but offline as well – Part 1 |

When was the last time you looked your seat neighbor in the subway in the eye? Probably not very often. We prefer to look around and be entertained by the colorful foils of interior advertising: all eyes on ceiling posters and window adhesives. Luckily, we have transport advertising and interior advertising in subways, trams, buses and trains! Don’t miss out on the looks onto your OOH campaign and, like Cat in a Flat, rely on this extremely attractive advertising medium: Meow!

Online, there is a multitude of platforms offering their products and services for online and offline work, also called online consumer websites. Competition is fierce, and so is the courting of one’s target audience. That’s why many online services not only rely on advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube – where, by the way, advertising prices rise enormously, especially at Christmas time – but also use traditional offline advertising. As does Cat in a Flat, an online cat-sitter platform, who advertise offline in the public transport systems of Germany’s major cities with: Ceiling posters and window adhesives.

A few examples of why this type of OOH advertising is so attractive and effective?

Interior advertising: high reach and multiple contacts 

Especially in metropolitan areas, public transportation is used by countless people on a daily basis, with up to 2-3 trips per day! Those who advertise with interior advertising are therefore seen by many people, even several times a day. This means permanently high reach and multiple contacts. Brand perception is reinforced, which means that it is easier for the target groups to remember the brand, and, in addition, more trust is placed in the brand with each renewed perception of the advertising. Ceiling posters and window adhesives can be booked on a monthly basis and so our customer Cat in a Flat has also secured full coverage and high contact numbers in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Munich. Who thinks, so much advertising effectiveness can be only expensive, may read on please in Offline Cat Content Part 2.