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The fantastic figures of the “Trend Analysis Poster Ads 2020” speak for themselves!

Now the post-Corona era begins: Take advantage of this historically unique time for your messages and offers! Gain attention, reach, contacts, customers, and buyers – with classic poster advertising!

The current “Trend Analysis Poster ads 2020” shows that poster and billboard advertising is now exactly the right form of advertising for you. Corona had banished your target group from the streets. But now, with restrictions being lifted, it is time to go out-of-home again. Now, this is your chance.

Fact: people are thirsty for sunshine, encounters and inspiration. They want variety, products, shopping and culture. They want to celebrate, flirt, love, laugh, enjoy – and shop!

And this is where billboard advertising comes in

Because advertising pillars, billboards & co. are placed exactly where mobile, active and consumer-friendly target groups are on the move. While digital advertising is often annoying because it pops up inadvertently, runs automatically and simply always appears when you don’t want to see it, classic poster advertising scores higher on the sympathy scale. The majority find poster advertising eye-catching, likeable, informative and inspiring.

Your poster advertising is noticed

80% say that they have already noticed poster advertising – 83% that they come into contact with posters several times a week. This way, every poster reaches 90% of its target group in just one week.

Posters are simply part of life

For your target group, large, colorful, and interesting posters are simply part of life – 61% of those surveyed agree with this statement. Another 61% see posters as an urban tradition. For 44%, poster advertising are sympathetic and charismatic, and 38% value the useful information.

Even better: now that the shopping and cultural paradises have been closed for a long time, everyone is setting out to satisfy their shopping, entertainment and cultural needs.

With posters, your messages and offers meet people who are about to go shopping

An advertising impulse in this moment, offers the unique chance to get onto the shopping list.

In other words: advertise your messages, brands, events, concerts, products and offers on advertising pillars, billboards & Co – and you will generate the attention, success, and sales you deserve. And all this at an unbeatably low CPM.

If you want to take full advantage of this open, consumer-friendly and shopping-hungry historical post-corona atmosphere, then you should go for classic poster advertising.

We will be happy to organize an efficient campaign with poster advertising for you!
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