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Always stay on the ground? That should not apply to your airport advertising!

As described in the first article, airport advertising offers passengers the opportunity to accompany them over several stages. From arrival, to checking in at the airline counter, even on the last few meters into the aircraft. Your advertising message can accompany airport passengers for a long time – even longer than 90 minutes! More than 65% of passengers arrive at the airport at least 1.5 hours before departure.

Above all, this waiting time is spent where there is a lot to discover: BER’s “marketplace” is the hotspot for this. Here, your advertising message takes off – completely without the plane.

Airport Advertising Berlin: Marketplace Quartet

You can reach the top with the advertising space allocation of 4 banners in large format.

Directly after the duty-free area is the market place, which lives up to its name. All departing and arriving passengers of Terminal 1 inevitably pass through this location. This fact alone guarantees an enormous reach of the brand message. There are many clothing shops here, so that this venue is an insider tip for the Fashion Week in January 2021.

In addition, many seating facilities and gastronomic services invite you to linger. Make the most of the time spent by airport guests and draw attention to yourself in a striking way. With a banner size of 7,500 x 4,000mm your advertising message is highly visible. Attention guaranteed!

Costs and size

Network:                          4 PVC banner
Media costs:                    € 80.000 / month
Production/Installation:    € 9.175 / network
Minimum booking:            6 months

Production size (WxH) upon request
Visable size: (WxH) ca. 7.580 x 3.920 mm

In the next part of this mini series we will show you how the way for passengers to the baggage carousel can become your advertising catwalk.