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You think out-of-home advertising can’t be green? Posters and foils that are produced only to be displayed for a short time are not sustainable, you say?  And anyway, what does all this have to do with the American Blockchain Algorand? Let’s clear things up!

On May 14-15, 2022, the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, the race of electric-powered Formula 1 vehicles, took place at the old Tempelhof Airport site in Berlin. Since the focus is on electrically powered vehicles, we have a clear “green” finger pointing to sustainability, here, and away from fossil fuels. Furthermore, the visitors of the event are mostly men. This target group, men with an interest in sustainability, is clearly the focus for Algorand. Is this perhaps why Algorand is so present at this event and a proud partner of the Envision Formula-E team? Makes sense!

Algorand is a proof-of-stake blockchain protocol for cryptocurrencies that has had a strong focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability from the beginning. Not only because of this, Algorand presents itself as a green blockchain, but in addition to the Algorand Blockchain, the associated Algorand Foundation also cares about the growth of the ecosystem. So they are working to ensure that there are not only technologies for the future, but that the next generations can use these technologies on a livable planet. It’s a holistic, “green” idea and USP ) unique selling point) that makes Algorand stand out with.


Algorand’s green advertising campaign in Berlin

To address their target group for the Formula-E event, Algorand wanted to run an advertising campaign in the time leading up to and around the event to generate as much visibility as possible around the event location (Tempelhof Airport) and in Berlin. Together with their agency Funday Agency, we organized the greenest possible media mix. In addition to posters on largescale billboards, columns and city light columns, digital city light boards, digital projections and a CO2-absorbing giant poster were also placed to create a strong advertising impact.

But printed posters aren’t green, you say? Did you know that our poster printing partners are working on sustainability? They carry the Blue Angel eco-label, source energy from hydroelectric plants, distribute their sites to greatly reduce delivery distances, and recycle old posters afterwards. Quite a green approach.

The giant poster, which was placed directly at the major intersection Platz der Luftbrücke on a facade opposite Tempelhof Airport, was intended to make a special statement. Algorand insisted that the giant poster be made with “the Pure,” a photocatalytic protective layer of titanium dioxide that cleans the air of pollutants: a CO2-absorbing giant poster! If it’s going to be a big printed banner, then please make it sustainable! To make that clear to prospective customers, the message on the mega poster read, “Blockchains can be green. Algorand’s CO2-negative blockchain is making the future greener, just like this air-purifying billboard.”

Want some more eco-friendly out-of-home advertising? To increase visibility around the event location and in Berlin-Mitte, two digital projections each were installed at different locations over 6 nights. The digital giant posters can be projected on different house walls in Berlin, in different sizes. Especially after sunset, the digital projections shine razor-sharp and through moving images they are a real eye-catcher!

In summary: a great campaign! With out-of-home advertising at events, advertisers always benefit from increased contact numbers. But at this event, Algorand also reaches their target group directly. With the direct partnership to the Formula-E team, they built a relationship with the poster viewer, drew the connection to sustainability and thus to their blockchain. Simply great!