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Outdoor advertising at the store, this includes not only an eye-catching lettering illuminated above the shop window or the window films on the shop window, this also includes eye-catchers on the facade. Permanent changes may be prohibited by the landlord or the monument authority. However, campaigns lasting up to two months have good chances of success, as Calvin Klein in Cologne has proven.

Jede Rille wird sorgfältig mit der Außenwerbung beklebt In the upper area of the facade, the vinyl foils could only be glued by an industrial climber. Freely suspended, the foils were pulled up to him in a box on a second rope. The jagged stone surface with its pronounced grooves not only gave the motif that certain something, the grooves also demanded a lot from the men at dizzying heights. With a spatula, the foil was pressed in, groove by groove.

Dierk, the project manager on site, kept a strict eye on the execution. One eye on the layouts, the other on the facade, he gave the climber important hints as to whether, for example, the next foil was correctly positioned. In the middle area, a scissor lift hoisted the installation team to the top. Before shopping began in the pedestrian zone, the industrial lift was set up and secured with site equipment. Two employees were then able to quickly apply the vinyl sheeting. On the third level, the final films were applied to the entrance doors to complete the overall picture. So that customers could enter and leave the store unhindered, the adhesive work was completed by the time the store opened. We are looking forward to the next facade task.

Außenwerbung mit Fassadenbeklebung am Calvin Klein Store in Köln