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In 2017, the Berlin Senate invited tenders for its advertising rights for the marketing of advertising pillars, City Light posters, advertising signs on lanterns and watch advertising. At the end of last year, the advertising experts and above all the “old” marketers looked forward to the decision phase with great excitement.

December 2017: The advertising rights are regulated and partly newly awarded. The Berliner Morgenpost reported in detail:


The employees of Wall GmbH could breathe a sigh of relief, the marketing of the City Light Poster remains in Friedrichstraße. The advertising on lanterns went to the Mediateam Stadtservice and thus remained in Berlin. The advertising columns are taken over by the Stuttgart company Ilg. Everything done – lid on it? You might think, but the madness is just beginning. All previous advertising media must be dismantled after 31.12.2018 and rebuilt by the tender winners.

But what are the contractual deadlines for dismantling the pillars and pole signs? The regional advertising market is losing money for weeks and months because advertising contracts cannot be fulfilled. We will be able to talk about a reasonable period of time for lighting mast advertising. But what does the process flow look like for the pillars? WTM is assuming at least 6 months of downtime. The Senator for the Environment, Regine Günther, certainly thought of a percentage loss flat rate for all agencies, printers, adhesive companies and sales staff when she estimated her income calculation at around 440 million euros. Now all that is missing is a freshly printed application for those affected.