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You may have noticed, in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin there are now more and more taxis that have digital screens on the roof. Some may not have realized that the rooftop advertising is digital. This is because with its 1920 x 540 pixels, the taxi advertising on the full HD screens is razor sharp. In order for the viewer’s eye to properly grasp the cab advertising on a moving medium like cabs, only still images and no animations are currently allowed to be played.
Okay, so why is digital rooftop advertising WOW? Because it is taxi advertising that can be programmatically controlled! The advertising is displayed on the screen only when the data triggers you specified trigger the playout. This takes taxi advertising in Berlin to a new level. WOW!

Control taxi advertising through data triggers
So how can taxi advertising be triggered? And which data carriers are possible? When setting up the campaign with digital rooftop advertising, you can decide when and where your advertising should be seen. That is, you can specify certain streets, postal codes, or a 5 km radius around a so-called point of interest (POI), for example. These are then set as data triggers for you. Through the GPS data of the taxis, the program recognizes which cabs are in the desired area and plays your taxi advertising only then.
This type of control is particularly suitable if you want to advertise at a particular event or trade fair. Then you can cover exactly the target area where the event takes place. Perfect for local targeting! In addition, visitors, and exhibitors to congresses and trade fairs often travel by taxi themselves, thus increasing the visibility of your advertising through a larger number of taxis in this area.

Taxiwerbung Berlin - Digitaler Screen auf einem Taxi Dach. Querformat. Die Taxiwerbung zeigt einen weißen Turnschuh. Hinter dem Taxi sieht man Bäume und ein Hafenbecken.

In addition to the local data triggers, other data triggers such as days, times or the weather can also be set up. For example, you can play one spot in the morning and another in the evening. You have a cafe or restaurant? Invite in the morning with cafe and croissant and in the evening with burger and fries! Or is it raining? Then your cab advertising shows the warm soup of the day. This is how easy it is to target your taxi advertising and invite your customers to come to you.

What is the cost of taxi advertising with digital roof advertising?
Compared to other digital out-of-home advertising, digital roof advertising is very cost-effective! Here, we are presenting an example offer to you:

Example offer:

  • Taxi advertising: digital roof advertising
  • Format: 90,6 x 25,8 cm
  • Days 5
  • Playouts 2000 per day
  • Total 10.000 plays
  • Added value: 400 playouts with a value of 210€*.
    *if still booked in 2023
  • Total: 10.400 playouts
  • Media € 1.050,00
  • Technical costs: € 150,00
  • Reporting* free of charge
    *including receipt images and heat map of the playouts
  • Total € 1.200,00 plus VAT.

10.400 playouts for just € 1.200! That is WOW!

Book digital cab roof advertising
Now, if you are convinced that digital cab roof advertising is a great fit for your next campaign or business, then give us a call or send us an email! Then we will be happy to create an individual offer for your desired specifications and data triggers.
By the way, digital cab roof advertising can also be ideally combined with conventional cab advertising. E.g. by foiling the cab doors with the so-called Door Cover Format!

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