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How to increase sales with out-of-home advertising on buses

As we know, Berlin is a large and heterogeneous city. And bus advertising in particular is a 1-to-many medium. So how exactly do you reach your target group with bus advertising? Fortunately, Berlin has 6 bus depots. So, you can choose the area you want to reach based on the depots. In order to avoid long travels through the whole city, the bus lines from the area are assigned to the respective depots in that area. If you choose the depot Indira-Ghandi-Straße, you will use buses that run in the area of Pankow, Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Lichtenberg, and Marzahn-Hellersdorf. So rather in the northeast of Berlin. There are overlaps at some depots, but always clear tendencies.

This positive effect of depot occupancy was also used by our customer to bring its water Brandenburger Quell closer to its target group. In order to facilitate the decision as to which depot in Berlin should be occupied, an analysis and target group segmentation was carried out. As a regional family business whose water is sold in glass bottles, they identified their target group as an environmentally conscious, modern middle. In the analysis, the depot Indira-Ghandi-Straße was found to cover those areas where the target audience lives. Thus, bus advertising was planned in this area.

So now, a single decker bus was branded in partial design. Besides the Brandenburger Quell water bottles, the motif shows bright blue sky, meadows, blue water, a few Berlin sights, and the words “Naturally from here” and “In the middle of Brandenburg – directly near Berlin”. This represents exactly their brand positioning: Pure quality, freshness, naturalness, regionality (proximity to Berlin) and environmental awareness. A very nice and effective design.

Furthermore, the choice of partial design on the bus as long-term advertising is a very effective measure. Partial design and full design are always most worthwhile with a booking of at least 12 months. On the one hand, the foil is produced only once and can then be in use for more than a year. This makes more ecological sense than running short campaigns with constantly changing motifs that have to be produced anew each time. And on the other hand, the bus advertising on the chosen depot can achieve lasting visibility in its target area and thus continuously increase sales among its target group. Therefore, we congratulate Brandenburger Quell and all advertisers who use bus advertising in Berlin on a depot that reaches precisely their target group on this great media choice.