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Make good use of the waiting time of the passengers:
41% of the passengers are at the airport at least 120 minutes before departure, another 26% are at the airport more than 90 minutes before take-off. Broken down, this means for you as an advertiser:

More than 65% of passengers have over 1.5 hours to devote to your airport advertising during their waiting time. Sounds very good! But that is not all:

After landing, passengers spend an average of another 40 minutes at the airport before leaving. Including the destination airports in the planning would increase the campaigns efficiency greatly.

Airport advertising offers a great advantage: write your advertising story that accompanies passengers from their arrival at the airport, through check-in, from the gate to the plane and even to their destination airport. Target groups can be reached over several stages using digital media.


Part 1: Digital City Light Posters (CLP)
The digital network at BER with its 29 sites (41 screens) accompanies passengers on their journey through all stages: arrival, check-in or in the main hall.

If you choose digital CLPs, you are opting for modern and up-to-date communication. Because: advertising screens can be booked almost in real time (no printing of backlights, overnight insertion of spots) and played out on a pin-sharp screen. Pixel loss? Nothing.

Due to the slot allocation of 10 seconds and the omnipresent locations, not only waiting people but also people passing by are reached.

Not only that. Your spot can reach your target group at BER and in Madrid and London within a short time. At the same time.

In Berlin, at the new BER airport, the 10-second spot on 41 digital CLP spaces costs € 18,000.00 per week. With our mini-series on BER, we provide you with regular information on the advertising media in Schönefeld. And then it’s off to a good start.